Business Letter To Nexon North America

Dear Min Kim,

I am a valid customer and player of one your clients that you host “Dragon Nest” of Nexon North America. Let me start by saying that your services are much appreciated over the years that I’ve been your customer, but lately there was some flaws in the client that I believe have been overlooked and must take imminent action. 

Lets start with the community service. Over the last six months there have been a lack of responses to situations that players, my friends included, remain unsolved. I find this alarming because within that time line it took 6 months at minimum to get a reply back. By then the issue will be forgotten and another customer lost. The issues are usually a bot situation, which brings us the next loophole, security.

Recently, the Nexon security team have develop a bot detecting system which proved a huge help countering those annoying bot users,at first. In recent events It also started to ban actual users due to the pattern in which bot user goes by. This is a critical disaster that the team should look in to asap to prevent more innocents being banned and farther damaging the population.

Lastly is the technicians. Every now and then, major errors have been popping up in the client, making users forced to re install the client.. I fear that this is causing a scene of mistrust within the gaming community and i see user leaving. Timing is everything this is certain but it is causing more loses as the progress. 

There u have the run down on the client’s status up to date from a user’s view. For the future of “Dragon Nest” here are some advice: put in more time to effectively render these situations, hire more men for the community service (if necessary) and take the time to read and respond to users in need, and carefully check clients before lunching them.

Thank You.

Memo: New Energy to a renew world

TO: Lisa Brundage, ENG 3773

FROM: Kevin Valentine, Student

DATE: Nov 12, 2012

SUBJECT: New Energy to a renew world


In the not too distance future oil will be a thing of the past. So will be the loss of our main energy source. Oil companies like BT will no longer be required with all the fossil fuel and natural gas replenished. Research shows that the world is near the empty point. So where will we get our main power source from now? Well the eon of sole energy, one of the most natural energy that is used by a growing few, is slowly claiming the latter as our new primary energy source. Although still in progress, solar energy will eliminate the pollution situation that the world face today due to using fossil fuel and natural gas thanks to its ability to convert solar rays to electric energy.

The dawn of a radiant future

Companies like First solar are at full throttle in providing civilians with access to solar panels worldwide taking on step at a time, rendering the use of power lines and enjoying free energy, in time. It sounds too much of a good thing it seems to be sure, there are still minor flaws to take note of. Solar panels can’t get repaired if they take on severe damage, such as all of our fragile technology. But, according to researchers in California, whole neighborhoods are completely off thanks tom the radiant sunshine the sun gives off. Any house needs gat there enery from the sun:

  • Car
  • Heated water
  • Power generator
  • Electrify
  • Lighting
  • Hardware tools
  • Etc.

Specialized technician wanted

This makes a big hit in the job industry, with a technology slowly taking over; companies need people that can farther accelerate the progress by specializing in building solar panels. About 2% at least will be cut from the unemployment branch creating millions of new jobs. But, at the same time it also replace the jobs that were lost when the oil business comes to a halt. Workers will just be playing for a new team. Along with that, nature turn over a new leaf once all of that polluted toxics are swept clean from the world for good.


Preparing for a more bright future, harvesting solar energy will finally cleanse the polluted world to a sparkling pearl. Through time, effort, communication, determination, and planning, cities will shine brighter that never before, forest will begin to grow anew uncontaminated, waters will ever look so clearer, and the sky will always be blue.

Breaking the Bias Against Women in Science

Marcin, Konrad, Peter

1) Hopkins, Nancy. “Let’s Call It ‘Affirmative Effort.’ October 3, 2012.Web.

This article was about overcoming discrimination against women in career fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. According to Mrs. Hopkins more women work in STEM fields today, than they worked few years ago. According to her we can’t stop eliminating discrimination against women in those fields because it is still huge problem today, and most of the women can’t succeed in these fields.

2) Wilson, Janelle. “Get Girls Interested While They’re Young.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article was about bias against women that are interested in pursuing science degrees and positions in career fields like science. According to Mrs. Wilson, we should give more attention to subjects like science, technology, engineering and mathematics already in elementary schools, because this will help young women to get confidence and desire to pursue STEM degrees and careers. Also, it will reduce bias among men against women who are seeking science positions, already in earlier stages of education.

3)Dennis Berkey, “Put Female Students in Leadership Roles”. October 3, 2012.

In this article the author speaks about the necessity to counter the bias against women. He states that this must be done mostly through education and says that there are several prospering colleges that promote women in fields which always belonged to men like science. The author strongly believes that this revolution requires personal and deep institutional involvement.

4)Jeniffer Harper, “Training and Recognition Can Make a Difference. October 3, 2012.

In this entry the author conveys that the bias against women in science is still strong and the primary way to fight it is to educate the teachers. The teachers must be trained to evaluate the students solely by knowledge and skill. She also states that universities should diversify the workplace in order to slowly take away the unconscious bias.

5) Lukas, Carrie L. “Don’t Regulate Individual Decisions.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article tells us, that today most of the bachelors’ and masters’ degree are earned by women. According to the author of that article, the government should not be involved in academics, but it should encourage reforms that would improve middle and high schools programs, so that all the students might be prepared to succeed in their chosen disciplines.

A Better Approach to Presidential Debates

Mohammed Alam, Jaleel Robinson, Behistym Cabrera

1. Alan Schroeder, “Not Perfect, but They Serve a Purpose”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

The main idea of the article states that debates is to allow voters to observe the candidates live in a different environment under pressure similar to a job interview.

2. Ruzwana Bashir, “Television Debates Are Antiquated”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

The power of real debate is in the language and intellectual honesty of the debates, alongside the engagement of spectators.

3. Kathleen Hall Jamieson, “Post-Debate Reporting Could Be Improved”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

The main idea of this article is that we shouldn’t attack the candidate’s statements, but hear what they have to say, and learn from their style of governing. History reminds us that presidents do try to keep most of their campaign promises.

4. Marion Just, “Reverse the Traditional Format”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

The main idea of this article states that there should be a format whereby candidates have more time to present their ideas and facts to persuade undecided voters.

5. Jon Snow, “Moderators Must Not Be Subservient”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

U.S. presidential debates are game changers. The questions that are asked in presidential debates are irrelevant to the concerns of the public.

6. Michael I Norton, Todd Rodgers, “A Way to Stop the Dodges”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

The main idea of this article is that when politicians dodge questions in interviews, they think that we will think negatively of them.

7. Diane B. Carlin, “The Most Valuable Form of Communication”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

The main idea of this article states that debates provides the opportunity to evaluate the candidates side-by-side on the same topic and also provides the opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s personality and character in a pressured environment.

8. Mark Goodman, “Why the Town Hall Format Is Best”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

The main idea of this article is that since many voters are looking to the candidates, the town hall debate format may be a more validate forum because real people asks real questions.

9. Nancy Snow, “Lose the Moderator”. The New York Times October 3, 2012. Web

The main idea of this article is the presidential debates should eliminate the moderator and give the audience a format that allows them to really listen to a conversation between these two candidates. If a moderator is used, he or she should adopt a format that makes the president and the president’s challenger engage in a dialogue.


Mohammed Alam, Jaleel Robinson, Behistym Cabrera





College by The Numbers Annotated Bibliograohy

1) Gilfillan, Beth. “I Cringe When I Hear the Word ‘Rankings.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article was about the concerns of Mrs.  Gilfillan towards how students in high school use college rankings to pick their schools as well as how she believes the college rankings should be used by students as well as how they could be modified to be more efficient and useful to the students.

2) Bastedo, Michael. “Insiders Care the Most About These Lists.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article was about Mr. Bastedo and his believes on who or what is effected by the college rankings. According to Mr. Bastedo the college rankings do not really effect the decision of what college to attend of incoming freshman. According to Mr. Bastedo the people who are mostly effected by the rankings are those inside the ranking colleges them self’s such as faculty and alumni. According to Mr. Bastedo another factor that is critically affected by college rankings is the institutions reputation and they become one and the same.

3) Vedder, Richard. “Filling a Void, Providing a Service.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article was about the view Mr. Vedder has of the college rankings. According to him the college rankings fill in the void of information distribution about each learning institution. The college rankings according to Mr. Vedder give parents and prospective students an inside look into the learning institution and sort of sets the standards of what college is doing things “right.” Mr. Vedder also states that the college ranking are flawed in the sense that they do not cover all the factors involved in college decision making such as financial situations and personal interest of the student.

4) O’Connell, Martha. “The College Search Requires Greater Thought.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article was about Mrs. O’Connell views of the college rankings. She believes that because college rankings are ranked based on the outcome of the freshman class that the rankings are not very accurate. She believes that the ranking should not only cover the beginning year but all four years, from enrollment to graduation. She also stated that when the colleges are looked at closely there is a pattern that the colleges without much recognition are outperforming the colleges with well-known reputations. She also stated she agrees with the believes that the ranking are controlled by those making the rankings.

5) Thacker, Lloyd. “College Presidents Should Just Say ‘No’ to U.S. News.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article is about the negative factors Mr. Thacker sees in the ranking college system. According to him the college rankings provide very little if any helpful information about the colleges them self’s. Mr. Thacker also makes a note about how even if the college rankings do not effect a vast percentage of prospective students in does effect the financial spending’s of the colleges. The colleges are spending more money on improving their ranking rather than improving their educational standards. Mr. Thacker also talks about how the school officials should take more active action in steering the college rankings into a more effective and useful tool.

6) Decatur, Sean. “Rankings Can Be Useful, but Also Dangerous.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article played a devil’s advocate; Mr. Decatur proceeded to first mention how college rankings are a useful comparing tool in a market of colleges that is tremendously crowded. However, Mr. Decatur proceeds to also explain how the rankings could be misused or produce negative effects on the colleges. He also talked about how the systems used for college rankings fluctuate every year changing the outcome of each year’s ranking. Also due to the fact that the system is in constant fluctuation it is impossible to recreate previews results. Which could lead to the conclusion that as the system used to create college rankings is unreliable so are the results yielded by the system.

Fabrice Douillard

Carlos Oreza

Fritzpatrick Phillips


College by The Numbers-Our Knowledge

We know that a group of colleges considered as “top colleges or universities” such as NYU, NYU Polytech, Harvard University, YALE, MIT, Standford University and so on… Since many  popular engineers, doctors, technicians are from those institutions who have high credibility, we believe that supporting the idea that they are considered “top colleges or universities” is considerable.  But that is all we know as we are not fairly familiar with the college rankings in the country.

Fabrice Douillard

Carlos Oreza

Fritzpatrick Phillips

Room for Debate (in class on Oct 3)

Today, we are going to do a mini-research project and present it to the class.

Working in groups, you are going to read the points of view presented in one of the New York Times “Room for Debate” series. Note: Because of page limit views, you might need to use a few different computers to access all the articles. Work together on that.

Before you start reading, brainstorm with your group. Make a list of the things you know and opinions you have about the topic already. This list might be long or it might be short. Publish a post here with your list and categorize it “debate”. Don’t forget an informative title that distinguishes your group from the others.

After that, read the opinion pieces about your topic. From that, you will create an annotated bibliography. Talk about each piece and come to a consensus about its main ideas. Add a post for that (don’t forget that title!).

Finally, discuss the overall effect that the opinions had on you. If you already had knowledge and opinions of the topic, did they reinforce, challenge, or change you ideas? What was the most persuasive argument? What was the most persuasive evidence? (And what is the difference between an argument and a piece of evidence in writing?) Do all the members of your group agree? How strongly do you feel? Make a final post summarizing your group’s conclusions. You will also present your findings orally (informally) to the class.

Breaking the Bias Against Women in Science

Information’s Environmental Cost

A Better Approach to Presidential Debates

College by the Numbers

Should the US Seek More Tech Manufacturing?

Business Letter To Asus Computers

Asus Computer International

800 Corporate Way,

Fremont, CA 94539

Dear Asus Computers,

I have been a customer of Asus Computers since you have come out with the Republic of Gamer’s series of laptops and computers, but specifically your Republic of Gamer’s laptops. I have always been a fan of gaming and the latest and greatest computer parts and laptops that can run the most recent games, but with the recent introduction of the G55/G75 laptop series, I had to get my hands on one of them immediately.

My most current purchase was of the Asus G55VW and before that the Asus G50VT-X1 which was my very first gaming laptop. I must say, the G55VW laptop is a work of beauty. The two strategically placed back facing fans are great as it provides adequate cooling and to prevent overheating, the optimally spaced and backlit keyboard so I can type and play in the dark without searching for the keys, the new Ivy Bridge i7-3610QM Quad Core for easy Multi-Tasking and Heavy gaming load, and also the New NVidia Kepler GeForce GTX 660m to of course handle the new latest and greatest games without graphical lag. Overall, this product is built to last and also built strategically in its interior. Since purchasing this laptop, I have played latest games such as Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, and Allods Online all with maximum graphics and barely any graphical lag.

I am writing this primarily to thank you for creating excellent products and also to continue making and creating better models! These laptop models and the most recent computer model addition that you have created are one of series’ and one of the market’s best computer models. Again, thank you very much for the excellent products and continue to keep up and be the best of the best!


Christian Perea

Business Letter to Motorola

Motorola Mobility, Inc.

600 North U.S. Highway 45

Libertyville, Illinois 60048 USA

Dear Motorola Inc.,

Congratulations on your merger with Google. Maybe now you can actually get back manufacturing Android devices that keep up with their vision. I’ve been a Droid loyalist since the OG Droid and by now, I’m sure that you can imagine I’m fed up.

Device after device, you and other manufacturers have saturated the mobile market with banality. Moreover, every supposed “top-tier” device that you particularly produced to raise the bar has lacked major features, falling far short of expectations. While we both know I could go on for days about your blunders, I’d rather focus on the Droid legacy. You began with the Droid 1. It pioneered the Android movement on Verizon and enticed the uprising of the entire platform over iOS. It was a solid device and with each iteration since, it’s as if you’ve been intentionally screwing your customers over. The Droid 2 had a larger Keyboard, but you switched the soft keys for no reason and you made it far less durable than its predecessor. The Droid 3 was even worse, with a larger screen, front-facing camera, and lack of 4G. That missing feature was quite odd, considering that, at the very same time you released an identical device in Canada, in which you included 4G antennas. To add further insult to OG Droid line loyalists, you released the Bionic with 4G in America, very soon after. Your marketing scheme is deplorable and I felt cheated up until I caught word of the new Droid 4 and all its glory. Finally, we had a Droid worthy of upholding the label. It boasted every feature that the top devices already had, and raised the bar with water-resistant sealing, the best keyboard yet, and still, the thinnest QWERTY slider on the market. But of course there was a caveat – a non-removable battery. The genius behind approving this ‘feature’ for your most powerful (i.e. most power-consuming) Droid ever produced needs a promotion *that’s called sarcasm*. What’s worse is the fact that you leave your loyal customers only one option for getting the defective or old batteries replaced – sending their device to Motorola Inc. and waiting for the week long turnaround to get them back. With Verizon, the average customer pays no less than $100/month. That said, we depend heavily on our devices. For you to have our phones for an entire week as if our communications mean nothing to us and it’s not 1/4 of an entire bill cycle, I feel you lack even the slightest iota of concern for the needs of your consumers. You inconvenience those who, as a producer, should matter most to you.

The only way I can see this problem being resolved is with you providing support (battery changes) through Verizon retail locations and never manufacturing any future devices with non-removable batteries. How did you go from boasting a removable battery as an advantage over the iPhone when the first Droid was released up to now producing the Droid 4 with a sealed in battery, alongside the iPhone 4 and 5, which now have removable batteries? You basically had everything, got immense consumer support, influenced competitors to raise the bar, then fell behind and stopped caring to satisfy the most loyal buyers. Get it together, Motorola.


Kaliym Rashaad



Business Letter

9997 Rose Hills Road

Whittier, CA, 90601

Dear Newegg,

I have been a customer of your website for several years now. I would like to write to you to commend you on the excellent services you provide. Over the many years I have used your services I have never had a single problem and the products have always been delivered in a timely fashion sometimes even earlier then expected.  The products provided by your store are the very good quality and durability. I have built several computers from components brought in your store. All of which have worked exceptionally well and have long life expectancies.

The policies on shipping’s and returns are very flexible and convenient. Your company ensures that products ordered reach their destination on the set date. Most of the products order through your company are often delivered one or two days earlier than the expected day. The return policies are all so very good. One can return any single product ordered as long as they meet certain criteria’s. Another great aspect of your store is the incredibly wide selection of products you present to the public. Just about every single customer need can be fulfilled, whether one is looking to upgrade hardware, add modifications, replace parts, or build an entire computer from scratch Newegg will surely provide the products you need. The products Newegg provides are of high quality and reliability.

Another great aspect of your store is the tremendous amounts of information and feedback you provide for your products. Many of your products have video reviews and technical break down. These are very helpful when shopping as it gives the shopper as much information as he/she may need in order to make the right buy for them. The video technical break down are tremendously helpful as they provide incredible insight on the products as well as all of their properties and functions.

Over all the services and products you provide are both of great quality, durability and reliability. I just wanted to commend the store for that. As well as let you know how helpful your services are as well as thank you very much for them and for placing such a diverse store of computer components just a few clicks away. Thank you very much and keep up the great work and services.


Carlos Oreza

62 Brighton 10th Street

Brooklyn, N.Y 11235