Discussion: What makes AV materials good?

What makes them good

  1. Short, meaningful information: it doesn’t have paragraphs of text that compete with the spoken presentation
  2. Something that the audience can relate to–something appealing
  3. Engages the audience
    Strong relationship between the presentation materials and the supporting AV: keeps the focus on the central message
    Reliability: help convey believability, doesn’t detract from content of presentation
    Strong relationship between form and function: the materials suit the topic and help to make it more accessible

What our guidelines are

    Using the tool as it was intended
    Manipulating tool to do what YOU want it to do, not what it tells you to do
    Facts: diagrams, charts, data in appropriate (easily understood) formats
    Simplicity: ease of understanding–form and content match
    Sound, if appropriate
    Video, if appropriate
    Creativity–creates connection to the presentation

Our experience with Prezi

After using Prezi for our in-class presentation on Wednesday I have to admit that I am surprised. Until now there was basically one universal tool known to me; PowerPoint. Prezi seems to have an enormous potential, maybe even to surpass the Microsoft’s ultimate and leading application. This new and innovative tool was really interesting and fun to play with. A lot of new and fresh ideas were implemented; nice and clear interface for convenience of use or even the eye-soothing look. Prezi might be the future’s leading presentation application.

In-Class Prezi Presentation

The group presentation we did in-class on Wednesday was challenging, due to the fact that, I had no prior experience using Prezi.  In the past, I used only Microsoft PowerPoint to develop my presentations.  Prezi is a very good tool which provides more options to developing a presentantion whereby you can add pictures from the Internet in a very efficient way by using the ‘insert’ tool and I am really excited about being introduce to it.  The little time that was given in class to practice using Prezi, as a group we were able to create a very good presentation.



PreZi Presentation

For the first time, i tried using a new presentation interface. Prezi was a wierd and unusual experience for me. I am one of those users, that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I usually use Microsoft Powerpoint for my presentations. In Prezi, the outline and format was confusing. The frames and objects were all over the place. People say that powerpoints are simple and boring and usually have a lot of writing. I like the their format better because its easy to just place objects and text and go straight to a new slide. While the visual on Prezi looks better because everything is seen in one frame and you know what to expect, you can have enough ideas on one slide in powerpoint, then go to the next one. It was alittle tough organizing our ideas on Prezi because we were new to this concept. In powerpoint, you can move slides with the click of a point. This presentation wasn’t a total loss. My group and I were able to have good visuals and we learned to try something new.