Information – Intro

Information is mostly being send and receive through the network, which is always convenient for being faster and more reliable. There are many ways to write down information but I believe that is always better to write as simple as possible so that way the receiver will understand it better. I also believe that the internet is the best way to send information since you can send it to long distances unlike the phone that you are only able to send it to local places.

There are ways to call or send information through a phone internationally but at a great price. That’s why I believe that the internet is more reliable and cheaper.



There are many different ways in which we can send information today. We have many electronic tools which are available in the market and used by people. For example we use cell phones which we can use to send voice information, text information, video information and text information. Also we use computers for sending information.



As a computer systems major information is extremely important. Technology changes very quickly so I need to be up to date with everything I can to keep informed. Online news sources tend to be my preferred way to read news; sites such as google can really help keeping up to date. When it comes to me transmitting information i preferred email. It is simple and convenient which is perfect because nowadays you can check your email from your phone.


  • What is/how do you cope with the role of information in your life?
  • How do you prefer to receive information?
  • How do you prefer to transmit information?
  • What is the personal or professional significance of your preferences?

Information drives my everyday interactions and tasks. As a student, I get up daily and head to school, in pursuit of an education. I go to obtain the information necessary to obtain a high-paying position in the Cyber Security field. First thing in the morning, I check the w


I cope with the role of information in my life very because i do a lot of  research and get it from reliable sources.

i receive information many ways from friends,the Internet,school & etc

it varies from what kind of information I’m looking for like if its news about my area i rely on my friends but if its school i’ll rely on my fellow students or professors and if its about my borough i’ll rely on the new


Info- Intro

Information is to me is a source of knowledge that I never turn down.Me being a Graphic Arts Major I have to have information given properly. I need to make sure everything is properly done if a detail is left out then the job being done can go all wrong.The way I cope with information in my life is accepting information as it comes due to the fact that we do not stop learning. When I am receiving information I tend to prefer it in the way it is given whether it is verbally given or through text. I tend to get into depth on when I am transmitting information. The idea of that is that i manage to make sure the information i have is fully given and not a detail is left out The personal significance of my preference is that with this way of gaining information you tend to learn more and your mind greatly expands with knowledge. It is always better to be more informed then less informed.


Many people have a specific way they prefer to share or receive information. Some of them feel more comfortable to actually let people hear their voice, others are getting away as possible from talking in front of a group. In my case, communicating electronically  makes me have more confidence to share all I need to explain. I usually email what I need to share in a way  I can easily take my time to formally write with precaution which allows me to revise over and over before sending the final copy.

Fabrice Douillard


There are many different ways of sending information and receiving information today. Before technology became modernized, we used to send postal mail to or postcards to whoever we needed to send information too. Now times became easier and with the click of a button the message gets delivered. I used to send information and receive information by either telephone calls or in person. Now we have social media sites known as Facebook and Myspace and we can send and receive info there. I also have an unlimited texting plan so i casually sent text messages to all my friends if i want to know something or just say hello.


  • What is/how do you cope with the role of information in your life?

Well, i think i got some information from tv, news, friends and family, professors, classmates or co workers.

  • How do you prefer to receive information?

I prefer to receive all the information with people like having contact with them. I like when people tell me stuff.




Information has evolved tremendously over the last century from the introduction of printing newspapers to presently where there is tools like the Internet and electronic devices whereby information can spread without being in close proximity such as the invention of Facebook and Twitter.  Information can be transmitted over the entire world in seconds which can be both a positive and a negative impact on our daily lives.  I prefer transmitting information over the internet due to the fact that it is more efficient and reliable.