Final Report Guidelines

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But here’s a C&P of them.

Every report must include

Title or cover page

Table of contents

Should include lists of figures and tables if applicable


Note: You will likely want more specific subheadings in each area

  • Introduction: Briefly explain the issue you are examining.
  • Background: What is the relevant history of this topic?
  • Methods: your method is library research, and you are working mostly with secondary sources. Consider the methods your sources used in their research. Indicate what they are, and any limitations involved.
  • Findings: What did you learn?
  • Discussion of results: What is significant about what you learned?
  • Conclusions/Recommendations


Attachments or Appendices

Guidelines adapted from Diana Reep and the Purdue OWL

Business Letter To Nexon North America

Dear Min Kim,

I am a valid customer and player of one your clients that you host “Dragon Nest” of Nexon North America. Let me start by saying that your services are much¬†appreciated¬†over the years¬†that¬†I’ve been your¬†customer, but lately¬†there was some flaws in the client that I believe¬†have¬†been overlooked and must take¬†imminent¬†action.¬†

Lets start with the community service. Over the last six months there have been a lack of responses to situations that players, my friends included, remain unsolved. I find this alarming because within that time line it took 6 months at minimum to get a reply back. By then the issue will be forgotten and another customer lost. The issues are usually a bot situation, which brings us the next loophole, security.

Recently, the Nexon security team have develop a bot detecting system which proved a huge help countering those annoying bot users,at first. In recent events It also started to ban actual users due to the pattern in which bot user goes by. This is a critical disaster that the team should look in to asap to prevent more innocents being banned and farther damaging the population.

Lastly is the technicians. Every now and then, major errors have been popping up in the client, making users forced to re install the client.. I fear that this is causing a scene of mistrust within the gaming community and i see user leaving. Timing is everything this is certain but it is causing more loses as the progress. 

There u have the run down on the client’s status up to date from a user’s view. For the future of “Dragon Nest” here are some¬†advice:¬†put in more time to effectively render these situations, hire more men¬†for¬†the¬†community¬†service¬†(if¬†necessary) and take the time to read and respond to users in need, and¬†carefully¬†check clients before lunching them.

Thank You.

Memo: New Energy to a renew world

TO: Lisa Brundage, ENG 3773

FROM: Kevin Valentine, Student

DATE: Nov 12, 2012

SUBJECT: New Energy to a renew world


In the not too distance future oil will be a thing of the past. So will be the loss of our main energy source. Oil companies like BT will no longer be required with all the fossil fuel and natural gas replenished. Research shows that the world is near the empty point. So where will we get our main power source from now? Well the eon of sole energy, one of the most natural energy that is used by a growing few, is slowly claiming the latter as our new primary energy source. Although still in progress, solar energy will eliminate the pollution situation that the world face today due to using fossil fuel and natural gas thanks to its ability to convert solar rays to electric energy.

The dawn of a radiant future

Companies like First solar are at full throttle in providing civilians with access to solar panels worldwide taking on step at a time, rendering the use of power lines and enjoying free energy, in time. It sounds too much of a good thing it seems to be sure, there are still minor flaws to take note of. Solar panels can’t get repaired if they take on severe damage, such as all of our fragile technology. But, according to researchers in California, whole neighborhoods are completely off thanks tom the radiant sunshine the sun gives off. Any house needs gat there enery from the sun:

  • Car
  • Heated water
  • Power generator
  • Electrify
  • Lighting
  • Hardware tools
  • Etc.

Specialized technician wanted

This makes a big hit in the job industry, with a technology slowly taking over; companies need people that can farther accelerate the progress by specializing in building solar panels. About 2% at least will be cut from the unemployment branch creating millions of new jobs. But, at the same time it also replace the jobs that were lost when the oil business comes to a halt. Workers will just be playing for a new team. Along with that, nature turn over a new leaf once all of that polluted toxics are swept clean from the world for good.


Preparing for a more bright future, harvesting solar energy will finally cleanse the polluted world to a sparkling pearl. Through time, effort, communication, determination, and planning, cities will shine brighter that never before, forest will begin to grow anew uncontaminated, waters will ever look so clearer, and the sky will always be blue.

Our Research Statment: Digital vs Printing

Kevin Valentine, Christian Perea
Diana Martinez, Carmelo Perez
Research Statement

The topic is based on the comparison of digital and pint by going in depth on its pros and cons of both methods. From gathering and receiving data to the efficient use, this topic will cover the timeline between the two. Back in the 70’s when technology was introduced to the world people would receive the head news by delivery everyday with the exception of Sunday. A few 20 years later the digital age came and now data can be accessed anywhere at any time. Both however, require resources to operate. Overall, both made a grand impact on how information is spread worldwide.

Work breakdown

In all, we plan to research the ways technology has influenced hip hop culture. The focus will be on how it has changed the scape of the craft.

Jerome – How piracy is done and how it has been avoided in the hip hop industry
J – The rise of piracy and the average album sales in hip hop..over the past 2 decades decade
K – The rise and prevalence of social media and artists’ giving in…the rise of mixtapes and other adjustments they’ve made to market themselves as a result.
L – Copyright laws and media rights…different forms of enforcement put into place to combat piracy.

Our research statement

Digital imaging in our times is very crucial, and its very important to know its beginnings, revolution, and impact on our society. We are going to show the transition from old fashion film cameras to advanced digital ones. We will describe how the digital imaging works, and we weight its advantages and disadvantages over its predecessors. Significant part of our research paper its going to include the improvement on our technological life.