Business Letter To Nexon North America

Dear Min Kim,

I am a valid customer and player of one your clients that you host “Dragon Nest” of Nexon North America. Let me start by saying that your services are much¬†appreciated¬†over the years¬†that¬†I’ve been your¬†customer, but lately¬†there was some flaws in the client that I believe¬†have¬†been overlooked and must take¬†imminent¬†action.¬†

Lets start with the community service. Over the last six months there have been a lack of responses to situations that players, my friends included, remain unsolved. I find this alarming because within that time line it took 6 months at minimum to get a reply back. By then the issue will be forgotten and another customer lost. The issues are usually a bot situation, which brings us the next loophole, security.

Recently, the Nexon security team have develop a bot detecting system which proved a huge help countering those annoying bot users,at first. In recent events It also started to ban actual users due to the pattern in which bot user goes by. This is a critical disaster that the team should look in to asap to prevent more innocents being banned and farther damaging the population.

Lastly is the technicians. Every now and then, major errors have been popping up in the client, making users forced to re install the client.. I fear that this is causing a scene of mistrust within the gaming community and i see user leaving. Timing is everything this is certain but it is causing more loses as the progress. 

There u have the run down on the client’s status up to date from a user’s view. For the future of “Dragon Nest” here are some¬†advice:¬†put in more time to effectively render these situations, hire more men¬†for¬†the¬†community¬†service¬†(if¬†necessary) and take the time to read and respond to users in need, and¬†carefully¬†check clients before lunching them.

Thank You.

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