Final Report Guidelines

You can find the guidelines here!

But here’s a C&P of them.

Every report must include

Title or cover page

Table of contents

Should include lists of figures and tables if applicable


Note: You will likely want more specific subheadings in each area

  • Introduction: Briefly explain the issue you are examining.
  • Background: What is the relevant history of this topic?
  • Methods: your method is library research, and you are working mostly with secondary sources. Consider the methods your sources used in their research. Indicate what they are, and any limitations involved.
  • Findings: What did you learn?
  • Discussion of results: What is significant about what you learned?
  • Conclusions/Recommendations


Attachments or Appendices

Guidelines adapted from Diana Reep and the Purdue OWL

Our Research Statment: Digital vs Printing

Kevin Valentine, Christian Perea
Diana Martinez, Carmelo Perez
Research Statement

The topic is based on the comparison of digital and pint by going in depth on its pros and cons of both methods. From gathering and receiving data to the efficient use, this topic will cover the timeline between the two. Back in the 70’s when technology was introduced to the world people would receive the head news by delivery everyday with the exception of Sunday. A few 20 years later the digital age came and now data can be accessed anywhere at any time. Both however, require resources to operate. Overall, both made a grand impact on how information is spread worldwide.

Our research statement

Digital imaging in our times is very crucial, and its very important to know its beginnings, revolution, and impact on our society. We are going to show the transition from old fashion film cameras to advanced digital ones. We will describe how the digital imaging works, and we weight its advantages and disadvantages over its predecessors. Significant part of our research paper its going to include the improvement on our technological life.


Final Projects

Over the course of the semester, you will be working with a group to prepare a significant final project that will include several aspects. For your project, you should identify a problem on conflict within your community or intended profession. You will study the history and status of that issue and prepare a formal report and conclusions or recommendations you have drawn about the issue. You will present your findings through a web site and give a formal presentation including appropriate audio-visual components. We will break down the overall project into smaller steps and allow time for review and revision.

Your first task is to finalize a team of no more than four, brainstorm ideas, and commit to a topic. We will spend some time in class on Sept 19 doing this. You will be expected to update the class about your topic and why you chose it on Oct 3.