Our research statement

Digital imaging in our times is very crucial, and its very important to know its beginnings, revolution, and impact on our society. We are going to show the transition from old fashion film cameras to advanced digital ones. We will describe how the digital imaging works, and we weight its advantages and disadvantages over its predecessors. Significant part of our research paper its going to include the improvement on our technological life.


Prezi experience

After working with Prezi on Wednesday, i learned something new from which i am really happy, and i feel like this will be something that, i will use in the future. We didn’t really had much time to prepare our presentation, so everything was in chaos, thinking about what to write about, choosing our theme from Prezi, and learning it from begging. We chose it over the other presentation, because it looks better, and in my opinion if it is used correctly it can make audience more interested in presentation.

Short Intro

Hello, my name is Konrad and I just enrolled to City Tech college from BMCC after finishing my two year in Computer Networking Technology. I am originally from Poland, and English is my third language that i am learning. I came to New York eight years ago, and for a young person as me back then, start in a new place wasn’t easy at all. Without any words in English, I wanted to go back to Poland, now my goal is to finish college, get a degree and go back to my country, but on the other hand its gonna take a little time, so we will see what future will bring me. In past year a lot of things have changed in my life. I am really a sports person, and i like to live healthy life, i hope that this course will help me improve my English skills.

How to make PB&J

The easiest way is to buy it at the store 🙂 . I haven’t been making them because i don’t like them. Instead of making peanut butter and jelly i would rather prepare something that is more healthy and not that sweet, for example a sandwich with a lettuce tomato ham and cheese, on a roll.