Our Research Statment: Digital vs Printing

Kevin Valentine, Christian Perea
Diana Martinez, Carmelo Perez
Research Statement

The topic is based on the comparison of digital and pint by going in depth on its pros and cons of both methods. From gathering and receiving data to the efficient use, this topic will cover the timeline between the two. Back in the 70’s when technology was introduced to the world people would receive the head news by delivery everyday with the exception of Sunday. A few 20 years later the digital age came and now data can be accessed anywhere at any time. Both however, require resources to operate. Overall, both made a grand impact on how information is spread worldwide.

One thought on “Our Research Statment: Digital vs Printing

  1. This is the beginning of a good project, but it really needs to be narrowed to something more specific. Are you going to be looking at newspapers only? And within that, are you going to focus on user and producer experience or environmental impacts? I strongly encourage you to narrow the scope and be clear about what areas and impacts you will investigate.

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