Final Projects

Over the course of the semester, you will be working with a group to prepare a significant final project that will include several aspects. For your project, you should identify a problem on conflict within your community or intended profession. You will study the history and status of that issue and prepare a formal report and conclusions or recommendations you have drawn about the issue. You will present your findings through a web site and give a formal presentation including appropriate audio-visual components. We will break down the overall project into smaller steps and allow time for review and revision.

Your first task is to finalize a team of no more than four, brainstorm ideas, and commit to a topic. We will spend some time in class on Sept 19 doing this. You will be expected to update the class about your topic and why you chose it on Oct 3.

8 thoughts on “Final Projects

  1. Our team will be discussing the effects of mobile phone companies using planned obsolescence which effects the general consumer, often in a negative way.

    Fitzpatrick Phillips
    Carlos Oreza
    Fabrice Douilliard

    • Can you say a little more about what crimes you want to explore? Do you want to look at how certain policies are effective or not? This is a workable topic but needs to be whittled to something manageable and specific. We can discuss it via email.

  2. Our team will be discussing effects on how Kodak corporation got affected by a switch from film cameras to digital cameras, and what are the impact on our life today.

    Konrad Hermanowski
    Marcin Jaworski

    • We need to work on refining this topic. Right now, it looks like a social history and I’m concerned it won’t fit the specifications of the project. Let’s take it to email and come up with something that works for all of us.

  3. Our group will be discussing the effects of technology on the state of the hip hop industry and vice versa. We’ll cover aspects of audio tech, music distribution, social media, and more

    Kaliym Toppin
    Javon Roberts
    Jerome Gayle

    • Let’s talk about this some more. Right now, it’s too broad to cover in the scope of the project, and I’m concerned that you will struggle to make it fit the parameters–e.g., preparing a technical report. If you want to work on something that has to do with hip hop, I’m sure we can find something, but we need to consider it carefully. Let’s take this to email to work it out.

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