Prezi Presentation

Luis Rijo

Even though I joined the team late and had to rush to get up to speed I think we had did a good job coming to term. We all easily agreed on the same point which was that technology manufacturing should be brought to U.S soil. We also all had a pretty good idea of what were supposed to discuss since we divided the work evenly. Once we started working on Prezi we had some minor issues. We were all used to working with power-point so we had to try had to not just put all the information into the slides. We also didn’t have enough time to implement visual aids; even though we looked some up. With some more time I think we can make a pretty good presentation using Prezi; it really helps deliver information in a way that keep the audiences’ attention.

Business letter

1085 Gerard Ave.

Bronx, NY 10452


Sept. 16, 2012


Larry Page

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043


Dear Mr. Page:


I write this letter to show my gratitude towards you and your company. I am a big fan of Google and all of the services it provides. The search engine alone has been a game changer not just for me but for most of internet users in the world. Also an amazing email service that allows user to even make phone calls through the internet. This are just some of the many things you have done which I think have made the internet more user friendly.


I first realized how helpful the Google search engine during high school. During this time I had to do a lot of research for my school work and Google was a very important asset. Later came Gmail; Gmail replaced all of the other email services I used. To this day I have all my emails forwarded to my Gmail account because there I have a reliable services that wont fail me. Once I started attending college write papers was a very common things. At first I used to use Microsoft Word as most student would; however, you need to buy the software. You guys changed the way I wrote, shared, and archived my document with the introduction of Google Docs. This great service allowed my to write my papers and share them with my classmates/professors from the same web page. Not only that also allowed my to convert and documents into the format of my choice.


Once again I thank you and your company for what you have done. I’ve also noticed that you guys do anything you can to not only improve what you have done but also the internet as whole. In addition, I wish for you guys to be around for a very long time.




Luis Rijo



As a computer systems major information is extremely important. Technology changes very quickly so I need to be up to date with everything I can to keep informed. Online news sources tend to be my preferred way to read news; sites such as google can really help keeping up to date. When it comes to me transmitting information i preferred email. It is simple and convenient which is perfect because nowadays you can check your email from your phone.



Hello, my name is Luis Rijo and I am a Computer Systems major. I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States when I was 11 years old. I became very interested in computer during high school where I was training to be an architect; however, when I was making a decision for college I decided to follow the computer field instead. Some of my interest outside of school are music and video games. It is a wonderful feeling getting home after a long day and listening to your favorite music on a nice pair of headphones.

PB&J revised

1) Acquire ingredients and equipment: peanut butter, jelly, sliced bread, plate, and butter knife.

2) Open the bag of bread and select 2 slices of bread.

3) Place the slices of bread flat on the plate

4) Open the jar of peanut butter and using the butter knife pick some peanut butter and apply it on one slice of bread.

5) Proceed to apply the jelly to the other slice of bread in the same manner as the first one.

6) Now bring both slices of bread together with the peanut butter and jelly facing each other.

7) Put away the butter knife and close the bread bag, peanut butter and jelly jar.


1.  Acquire ingredients: Peanut butter, jelly, and bread.

2. Apply peanut butter to one loaf of bread and jelly to a different loaf.

3. Assemble the sandwich by placing both loaves of bread together. (Note: peanut butter and jelly should face each other.)

4. Once assembled you can consume the sandwich.