Business letter

1085 Gerard Ave.

Bronx, NY 10452


Sept. 16, 2012


Larry Page

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043


Dear Mr. Page:


I write this letter to show my gratitude towards you and your company. I am a big fan of Google and all of the services it provides. The search engine alone has been a game changer not just for me but for most of internet users in the world. Also an amazing email service that allows user to even make phone calls through the internet. This are just some of the many things you have done which I think have made the internet more user friendly.


I first realized how helpful the Google search engine during high school. During this time I had to do a lot of research for my school work and Google was a very important asset. Later came Gmail; Gmail replaced all of the other email services I used. To this day I have all my emails forwarded to my Gmail account because there I have a reliable services that wont fail me. Once I started attending college write papers was a very common things. At first I used to use Microsoft Word as most student would; however, you need to buy the software. You guys changed the way I wrote, shared, and archived my document with the introduction of Google Docs. This great service allowed my to write my papers and share them with my classmates/professors from the same web page. Not only that also allowed my to convert and documents into the format of my choice.


Once again I thank you and your company for what you have done. I’ve also noticed that you guys do anything you can to not only improve what you have done but also the internet as whole. In addition, I wish for you guys to be around for a very long time.




Luis Rijo


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