Business Letter to Cablevision

Optimum Online, Cablevision

164 20th St #1

Brooklyn, NY 11232

(718) 788-0372

Fitzpatrick Phillips, Manager


September 16, 2012

Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick Phillips,

I am a Optimum’s customer since a good time until today. I am writing this letter to  express special appreciations towards the service that was provided to me last week after I recently moved to a new apartment.

One week ago I moved to a new apartment, after notifying the customer service about my  plan, very intelligently, they appointed me a day for uninstallation. With respect of time, the technicians came and did all they had to do in order to disconnect my whole system. Gently and with respect they came once more to my new address then made all the installations in a very short amount of time. They even took their time to explain me certain details that I should understand which will allow me  to fix things by myself in case of  a problem and before I contact the customer service. The installation went very smooth and quick.

Once again I want to thank you for your good management and for the service that Cablevision is providing to all its customers while being sincere each time. I am actually enjoying watching television, using the phone without forgetting the fast Internet that is offered in one package for a very affordable price.

Yours Sincerly,

Fabrice Douillard



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  1. Dear, Fabrice Douillard

    Thank you for your praiseworthy letter on our performed services. Here at Optimum Online, we are glad to hear that you’re enjoying our educated and hand-picked employees who are very passionate about what they do. At Optimum Online is a company that serves to please its customers with affordable prices, high quality service and quick customer service as to eliminate any issues as efficiently as possible. As a thank you, please accept 1 month free-of-charge coupon!


    Fitzpatrick Phillips
    Consumer Relations Advisor

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