Info- Intro

Information is to me is a source of knowledge that I never turn down.Me being a Graphic Arts Major I have to have information given properly. I need to make sure everything is properly done if a detail is left out then the job being done can go all wrong.The way I cope with information in my life is accepting information as it comes due to the fact that we do not stop learning. When I am receiving information I tend to prefer it in the way it is given whether it is verbally given or through text. I tend to get into depth on when I am transmitting information. The idea of that is that i manage to make sure the information i have is fully given and not a detail is left out The personal significance of my preference is that with this way of gaining information you tend to learn more and your mind greatly expands with knowledge. It is always better to be more informed then less informed.

Making a PB&J Sandwich

  • First off the two main ingredients are needed the peanut butter and of course the jelly
  • One bottle of Grape jelly and or preference of a different jelly if needed
  • one bottle of peanut butter the choice of chunky or smooth is available
  • Grab the loaf of bread that has slices
  • Grab two individual slices of bread
  • Locate a butter knife it easily smooths the the peanut butter and jelly
  • Also grab a plate or even a napkin to place the bread slices upon
  • Then Take the butter knife dip it into the peanut butter bottle and pick up some peanut butter on the edge of the knife
  • take the knife and smear the peanut butter across the the top of one slice of bread till it covers the bread thoroughly
  • Next step would be to clean the knife off and repeat the process with the jelly
  • taking the knife with the jelly now and smear it on the other slice of bread
  • once completed take both slices and place together peanut butter going against the jelly
  • once completed grab sandwich if not holding already and take a bite