Making a PB&J Sandwich

  • First off the two main ingredients are needed the peanut butter and of course the jelly
  • One bottle of Grape jelly and or preference of a different jelly if needed
  • one bottle of peanut butter the choice of chunky or smooth is available
  • Grab the loaf of bread that has slices
  • Grab two individual slices of bread
  • Locate a butter knife it easily smooths the the peanut butter and jelly
  • Also grab a plate or even a napkin to place the bread slices upon
  • Then Take the butter knife dip it into the peanut butter bottle and pick up some peanut butter on the edge of the knife
  • take the knife and smear the peanut butter across the the top of one slice of bread till it covers the bread thoroughly
  • Next step would be to clean the knife off and repeat the process with the jelly
  • taking the knife with the jelly now and smear it on the other slice of bread
  • once completed take both slices and place together peanut butter going against the jelly
  • once completed grab sandwich if not holding already and take a bite

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