Prezi Experience

Using Prezi for the presentation in class was a pretty interesting experience, especially with the little time we were given. After watching the tutorial, I thought it was clear on how to use it but I wasn’t even close. There was a lot to it and parts that weren’t too clear, like how to bold text or get them into a certain font. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where things were located.
Another big deal was the time limit we were given. Since it was the first time I used Prezi, first I had to worry about how it really works, then I had to make sure it wasn’t like a power-point. That was the fun of it and I believe I could have come up with really interesting designs if only there was more time.

Business Letter to
Tsuen Wan, NT
Hong Kong

Dear Fabrice Douillard,

To start off, I’m quite fond of your website as it allows me to easily search and import games from Japan and Hong-Kong. I’ve considered using it for a very long time now after simply window shopping and decided to purchase a Japanese Nintendo 3DS at a reasonable price and reasonable shipping. The problem starts when I finally received the product. It was defective and I couldn’t send it in to Nintendo since they don’t handle customer service across borders.

I think the way your company handled the customer service was horrible. You guys actually asked me to make a youtube video showing the problem because you didn’t believe me? What sense does that make? Not only that but I actually had to pay $60 shipping just to return it, when I had already paid $250 just to receive a defective product. I asked for a direct exchange but you insisted on sending it to Nintendo for repair, which isn’t fair. I don’t want a repaired 3DS, I wanted a brand new working on. That is a horrible way to handle this situation and all I received were standard responses with no room for negotiations.

I am sending this letter to tell you that I will not be using this service anymore until I receive at least a refund for the shipping to hong-kong. Paying $60 for something that wasn’t my fault is highway robbery.

Thank you,

Fitzpatrick Phillips

The Ultimate PB&J Meal (Revised)

PB&J is a meal that is really simple to make and yields a lot of results in the taste department. There are many ways to make this magnification meal but this is my recommended way to enjoy it. Before you start, you’ll need a few tools:

  • 2 clean plastic or metal knives
  • One Jar of any brand Peanut Butter
  • One Jar of any brand or flavor Jelly (Grape recommended)
  • One plate
  • At least 2 slices of sliced bread (Honey Wheat bread recommended)
  • Any brand Coffee beans
  • Boiling Water
  • Sugar
Once all of those have been acquired, proceed to making the PB&J sandwich.

1) Get two slices of the bread and place them down on your plate
2) Take one of your knives and, after opening the peanut butter jar, spread the amount of peanut butter over one of the bread slices.
3) Repeat step 2 but with the remaining knife, the jelly, and the remaining slice of bread
4) Once you’ve got your peanut butter and jelly on their respective bread slices, put two bread slices together, symmetrical
5) Toss out the knives into the sink and put the peanut butter and jelly jars where they belong after putting the lid back on.
6) Grab your coffee mug and fill it with the amount of coffee you want
7) Pour hot water in it at preferred levels
8) Add in cream and/or sugar and stir
9) Enjoy your delicious sandwich and awesome coffee!


Information Today

It’s very true that in today’s world, information flows extremely quickly and in heavy amounts. It can get overwhelming if you’re not the type of person who is able to quickly locate the particular piece of info you’re looking for, and easily organize and categorize it in a way thats easy to find and makes sense. My best source of info is clearly the internet, due to its easy access. Depending on the subject, forums and blogs are a good way to get information but its difficult to validate the credibility unless you compare it with other more credible sources. On my hard drive, I have everything super organized in a way that makes sense; folders within folders that are probably labeled and split accordingly. This helps me keep my professional work from my personal work so nothing get mixed up in the long run.


Hello all,

My name is Fitzpatrick Phillips and my major is Computer Information Systems. Strangely enough, I’m very excited for this course because I love writing, essays and all that stuff. I’m hoping to be able to enhance any skills in that area from those course, and I’ve already got a good idea of what’s going to happen just from the first class. My hobbies include tinkering with computers, playing video games and I’m currently self-studying the Japanese language. Hope to get along with everyone this semester!

The Ultimate PB&J Meal

Here’s how to make the ultimate PB&J Meal

1) Get some Honey Wheat Bread
2) Put on a thick coating of Peanut Butter on one loaf
3) Put a moderate coating of Grape Jelly on the other and combine bread
4) Make yourself some delicious coffee, but not too sweat. Perferbly strong
5) Enjoy the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the sandwich!