Breaking the Bias Against Women in Science

Marcin, Konrad, Peter

1) Hopkins, Nancy. “Let’s Call It ‘Affirmative Effort.’ October 3, 2012.Web.

This article was about overcoming discrimination against women in career fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. According to Mrs. Hopkins more women work in STEM fields today, than they worked few years ago. According to her we can’t stop eliminating discrimination against women in those fields because it is still huge problem today, and most of the women can’t succeed in these fields.

2) Wilson, Janelle. “Get Girls Interested While They’re Young.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article was about bias against women that are interested in pursuing science degrees and positions in career fields like science. According to Mrs. Wilson, we should give more attention to subjects like science, technology, engineering and mathematics already in elementary schools, because this will help young women to get confidence and desire to pursue STEM degrees and careers. Also, it will reduce bias among men against women who are seeking science positions, already in earlier stages of education.

3)Dennis Berkey, “Put Female Students in Leadership Roles”. October 3, 2012.

In this article the author speaks about the necessity to counter the bias against women. He states that this must be done mostly through education and says that there are several prospering colleges that promote women in fields which always belonged to men like science. The author strongly believes that this revolution requires personal and deep institutional involvement.

4)Jeniffer Harper, “Training and Recognition Can Make a Difference. October 3, 2012.

In this entry the author conveys that the bias against women in science is still strong and the primary way to fight it is to educate the teachers. The teachers must be trained to evaluate the students solely by knowledge and skill. She also states that universities should diversify the workplace in order to slowly take away the unconscious bias.

5) Lukas, Carrie L. “Don’t Regulate Individual Decisions.” October 3, 2012. Web.

This article tells us, that today most of the bachelors’ and masters’ degree are earned by women. According to the author of that article, the government should not be involved in academics, but it should encourage reforms that would improve middle and high schools programs, so that all the students might be prepared to succeed in their chosen disciplines.

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