Business Letter

9997 Rose Hills Road

Whittier, CA, 90601

Dear Newegg,

I have been a customer of your website for several years now. I would like to write to you to commend you on the excellent services you provide. Over the many years I have used your services I have never had a single problem and the products have always been delivered in a timely fashion sometimes even earlier then expected.  The products provided by your store are the very good quality and durability. I have built several computers from components brought in your store. All of which have worked exceptionally well and have long life expectancies.

The policies on shipping’s and returns are very flexible and convenient. Your company ensures that products ordered reach their destination on the set date. Most of the products order through your company are often delivered one or two days earlier than the expected day. The return policies are all so very good. One can return any single product ordered as long as they meet certain criteria’s. Another great aspect of your store is the incredibly wide selection of products you present to the public. Just about every single customer need can be fulfilled, whether one is looking to upgrade hardware, add modifications, replace parts, or build an entire computer from scratch Newegg will surely provide the products you need. The products Newegg provides are of high quality and reliability.

Another great aspect of your store is the tremendous amounts of information and feedback you provide for your products. Many of your products have video reviews and technical break down. These are very helpful when shopping as it gives the shopper as much information as he/she may need in order to make the right buy for them. The video technical break down are tremendously helpful as they provide incredible insight on the products as well as all of their properties and functions.

Over all the services and products you provide are both of great quality, durability and reliability. I just wanted to commend the store for that. As well as let you know how helpful your services are as well as thank you very much for them and for placing such a diverse store of computer components just a few clicks away. Thank you very much and keep up the great work and services.


Carlos Oreza

62 Brighton 10th Street

Brooklyn, N.Y 11235

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