Room for Debate (in class on Oct 3)

Today, we are going to do a mini-research project and present it to the class.

Working in groups, you are going to read the points of view presented in one of the New York Times “Room for Debate” series. Note: Because of page limit views, you might need to use a few different computers to access all the articles. Work together on that.

Before you start reading, brainstorm with your group. Make a list of the things you know and opinions you have about the topic already. This list might be long or it might be short. Publish a post here with your list and categorize it “debate”. Don’t forget an informative title that distinguishes your group from the others.

After that, read the opinion pieces about your topic. From that, you will create an annotated bibliography. Talk about each piece and come to a consensus about its main ideas. Add a post for that (don’t forget that title!).

Finally, discuss the overall effect that the opinions had on you. If you already had knowledge and opinions of the topic, did they reinforce, challenge, or change you ideas? What was the most persuasive argument? What was the most persuasive evidence? (And what is the difference between an argument and a piece of evidence in writing?) Do all the members of your group agree? How strongly do you feel? Make a final post summarizing your group’s conclusions. You will also present your findings orally (informally) to the class.

Breaking the Bias Against Women in Science

Information’s Environmental Cost

A Better Approach to Presidential Debates

College by the Numbers

Should the US Seek More Tech Manufacturing?

2 thoughts on “Room for Debate (in class on Oct 3)

  1. People in group:
    Marcin, Konrad, Peter

    Women and Science

    Throughout the history only men had the privilege to go to school and educate themselves. Women had no such right and therefore almost all scientists were males. There were only a handful of women scientists such as Marie Sklodowska Curie. Nowadays when education is equally accessible to men and women, more and more females become scientists. Even though men are still favored as scientists, the difference between them vanishes.

  2. Group Members:
    Carmelo, Diana, Kevin,Christian

    Article: Information’s Environmental Cost

    Based on the articles and all we have read we all understood the topic given. The energy efficient needs of the I.T. industries and that if their choices for energy sources do not change it could lead to a polluted world. Instead of being clean the cloud based servers would make the world worse. The articles describe how there could be other choices available for the energy sources. There is also articles for the server based programs showing that some companies have taken into action about the energy concerns and they have begun using energy efficient methods.

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