Project #4 The pitch: revised

We all know that New York is a big City but on the map it looks so small. However does  that mean we can never walk the the streets of New York.  Well if we take the time to explore our city and take a 10-15 minute walk on a nice beautiful day. Wouldn’t you want to discover something you never knew before and it was always there but never realized. Well I took the chance to walk and explore a little. I took a walk stating from court street train station to the end of my route which was jay street at City Tech college.

While I was walking I wanted to focus on the buildings architecture and the color that was chosen for the building. When I arrived to the court street train station I took a right and walked to Henry street I was not exactly sure where I was at but then I found my way. I didn’t really know there were stores on those side of the area I thought it was only about court street and Atlantic ave. Right in the corner of Henry street  looking the block it sort of look like a village hidden because it so quite around and not a lot people were there. They do have restaurants and clothing stores and couple of more stores.

But anyways after standing on the corner of Henry street I was not exactly sure where to go so I made a left and walked straight like 2-3 blocks down. While walking down those blocks there this one building that stood to me. I don’t know if it was because it looked different from the other building or because it was the only one the right side of the block. The architecture of the building or house looked so fancy it was constructed Ver nicely the design it had on it was very modern and the colors it had made it look even better. The way the windows and doors were made seemed like it made look fancy. It didn’t just look any other regular window. After that I cointinued walking down to Henry street and I reached joralome street and that is where I saw the three building lined up next to each other with different colors. The only reason it also stood out to me was because usually I don’t see something like on my regular walk mostly all the building are just made out of bricks and they look like a redish brownish. But the houses there was yellow, red and green. I thought it was pretty nice to see that because those where the only building that were colors on that block the rest where like a orange red color or a brown color.

After looking at that I continued walking and I reached Atlantic ave. I also realized it was another area where they had a lot of stores there was various restaurants, clothing store and markets. I walked like two block on Atlantic ave and I made a left on Clinton street. Then it went back to buildings where the nice quite area is. I walked a block on cliton street and made a right and walked down to court street. I made a two min stop right in front of Barnes and noble  and that’s where it got bit noisier and a bit crowded. I didn’t really mind because that’s one of the busiest streets there’s always car passing by and usually you would always see people walking there.

Then I walk to borough hall going back to the school passed the Supreme Court and kept walking down to Fulton street right at the corner where shake shack was at another place to have some food. I took the left side of Shake shack and reached pearl street from there you walk straight until you see a place where it looks like a dead end but it’s seems like a secret pathway. I never actually knew it was like a short cut. So took that short cut and walked to jay street and walked to City Tech college.

This walk was only about a 10-15 min walk. It was actually pretty nice outside when I took this walk and it took place during the afternoon it was still daylight. Sometimes when you actually take a walk not knowing where your going it can make it a interesting walk.  Because you can do cover something you never seen before and you can learn new places or areas or go to a neighborhood you never been to before in your Burroughs. It can soon become your new favorite place. So why not take a 5-10 min walk and walk around and see if you can find something that interests you.

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