Beginning the glossary

Each week, you will post a glossary entry in your ePortfolio, using the category Glossary. You can copy the category as it appears at the bottom of this post to make sure you have exactly the same category I do.

In class on Wednesday, you will watch the first episode of the BBC production, “Ways of Seeing,” which was the foundation for the materials we are reading of the same name. As I previewed this episode I jotted down some words you might want to look up. You could even draw from this list for  your glossary entry, if you can point us back to where in the video you heard the word, and explain what you understand about that section based on understanding that word. Some of these words might also be in the reading, so you could refer to them there as well. Keep in mind that this is an activity aimed to help all of us learn more words, improve our vocabularies, and make sense of our work. If the definition of a word isn’t helpful, it isn’t helpful–that is, you might need to change the part of speech to find a better definition. If callousness is defined as the state of being callous, dig deeper and look up callous! Here is the list I compiled:

  • gilt
  • integral
  • icon
  • converge
  • reproduction (noun)
  • distort
  • facsimile
  • authenticity
  • pedigree
  • Perspex
  • relic
  • shrine
  • awe
  • allegorical
  • metamorphosis
  • callousness
  • devotional
  • landscape painting
  • sprightly
  • somber
  • manipulated
  • jostling
  • ambiguous
  • inhibit
  • mystification
  • alms
  • destitute
  • peat
  • disparaging
  • unwavering
  • clairvoyance
  • skeptical

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