Russell Armfield Museum visit

Russell Armfield

Museum visit


This art is a gif. I was featured on a tiny screen near an elevator)

Dain Fagerholm incorporates an array of different design elements into “Gem Creature GIF”. It was featured in the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. The piece consists of scribbly lines in which some are colored while others are black to give the image some sort of a texture. Although the lines aren’t the creature in the piece is composed of very round shapes with the item he’s holding being in a diamond shape with mini diamonds inside of it. There is negative space shown in the sky where the creature is displaying his object to make it a readable image. The size of creature seems to give off the connotation that the creature appears very big in size with the land he’s on. While some parts of the image contrast to make individual objects stand out on their own, it’s able to work itself into an image.

This piece is very similar to the texture and pattern project. Both my project and the museum piece share a similar type of motion in the visuals. They both have a sense of rhythm even if when being viewed as static images.

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