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Omega and Cindy

I agree with Liz Wells thesis¬†in the Case Study: The Commodification of Human Relations and Experience ‚ÄėOmega and Cindy: Time together‚Äô. The ad between Cindy Crawford and the Omega watch connects to people with other things like electronics because people depend on them. People buy into celebrity endorsement to help not just product but making the ones who is wearing feel with this product you could by just like a celebrity.

Omega Ad

I do agree on the first paragraph it is mention that many pictures at that time included similar poses.  The pose where a model would pose with no distinguished background or any type of environment. The relationship between the main subject and the product also plays a big role on this. Creating the both to relate and fiction as a team not as an individual is a big challenge. On this ad it is not specifically telling you there is a dating relationship between them like the article suggest but more of a friendship between the main character and the subject.

Cindy Crawford Omega

Liz Wells’ thesis explain the similar¬†characteristics of¬†omega watch¬†ad¬†being¬†looking like the girls in the 1930’s.¬†Omega watch¬†made this ad for the purpose of emphasizing Cindy, the¬†model, having an interaction with the watch, in¬†a sexual way. By having Cindy to be placed¬†on a black background and wearing the watch next to her half-open mouth, it¬†says that you and your watch can build an intimate relationship together. The ad is all about selling the product, and who it can¬†appeal to, so by putting two things together, a person and a object it can give¬†a significant effect.

I agree to Wells’ opinion about the specific ad and advertising photography in general as Omega watch¬†wanted their ad to be glamour up so it’ll make¬†us¬†feel like we¬†want to buy the¬†watch. Ads that are made attractive has the successful chance on grabbing consumer’s¬†attention,¬† make ¬†them feel like buying the product and nothing else.

Omega and Cindy: Time Together

This article speaks about the Cindy and Omega article being shot in shot in a similar way women were in the 1930s but with a modern twist to it. The shot is shown as an isolated shot no background, but her hair is loose and wearing a sporty tanktop suggesting modern feminisim. I agree on the way she describes the ad. You can see how the watch is the focused through the central position it is in. The way cindy’s mouth is slightly open and her head is leaning on her arm portrays a sensual feel to the watch. I think the second paragraph to this article really discusses how photography is a big part of marketing. The person you choose to endorse your product goes hand in hand with your product. Cindy Crawford has a sucessful career in journalism and has done alot of work in charity and this transmits through the ad. Overall the commodiifcation of human emotions and relations is one of the most persuavie influences of modern advertising.

Omega and Cindy: Time Together

The whole purpose was to indicate the bond or relationship you will have with the Omega watch. Mot people get attracted to things they love having and making it personal. For the most part they do it with the lighting and the old method was used. Making Cindy look sexy with the watch at the same level with her lips gives you that personal feel. I do agree with this ad because people tend to get personal and attached to things they use daily, just like their phone. Objects like this are not just used for specific purposes, but also they become accessories and part of their outfit just like this ad.

Omega and Cindy

Liz Well is trying to say is that there shouldn’t always have the obvious information to advertise a specific products. It’s best to use the composition of the way the photograph to construct the sale’s point of the products. In the ad, the position of the model and the product indicate the relationships between itself. As mention that Cindy open mouth shows the desire feeling that is then being reflected onto the watch itself. As an advertising campaign ad, Well’s is mentioning how the ad can simply used as a platform to advertise something else. The originally intention was to advertise the watch but this particular ad can just advertise or to promote who Cindy Crawford is.

I agreed with Well’s statement because advertising is a way to grab people attention. So the way the ad constructed is very appropriate because having an attractive female as their model is a good way to draw more people into the ad and eventually be interested in the watch.

Omega and Cindy Response

The first half of the article is explaining¬†about the Cindy and Omega ad as being typical 1930’s glamour girl look. The photographer strategically placed Cindy face on her right arm next to the watch with her mouth open to seem seductive. I definitely agree with the writer, because the black and white feel of the photograph gives it that 1930’s feel and the celebrity being so close to the product was a great way to make them come together.

The second half of the article was about the roles that Cindy and the watch play together, because they are implying a human and thing relationship just the same as a human and human relationship. They¬†state that Cindy charity and Journalistic work throughout her career rub off onto the watch because of the relationship the have together. They also explain the backside of the watch company stating that we don’t know about how the watch was made.

Cindy Crawford Omega

What she is saying about her piece is about the ¬†over all ad and how she is putting herself as the center piece, she is the focused towards the camera with a very sexual way with her mouth open and the way the light is directly at her. She is wearing the watch and in the first paragraph it states “time together”. To me this means that her and the watch have a relationship, which is a part of her personality as a person. This image of her is a bit dramatic because of the lighting position straight at her but in a very soft and gentle way.¬†The second paragraph she is telling us how we don’t care how the product is made, but we just want the product that is being stole. We don’t look at who or what makes the, we just know that it is appealing and we want it because we already made a relationship with the product that in a way we are selfish to not even care about what happens before the product is even being advertised.

I disagree with her. The reason is because an AD and the way the product is made, ¬†depending on the ad business statement are two different way of looking at it. By this i mean that an ad is suppose to be appealing and the public should have a relationship and because they have a relationship the target audience will keep buying your product over others. If we decide to tell the public ho wit was made, weather works were treated well or not, than everyone can say bye bye to things that the enjoy. In reality almost everything is made in ways people might not like but its just the way things just have to be. There was this saying “there are certain things better not said “. In general i think that everyone should be told the truth about anything but its the way the business goes.

Omega and Cindy

The components in used in this advertisement were many. Some were the juxtaposition of cindy crawford, the cropping of her photo, the feather around the edges, how washed out she looked, also how they laid out the entire ad.

Well’s description and critic of the ad also broaden the perspective of the viewers. A point she brought up was if this ad, or this idea of how society is, is it just illusionary, is it just fake?

” They accurately portray social relations which are illusory” (goldman 1992: 35) This is very accurate example of how advertising is changing the world in a good and bad way. The worse way of course is creating illusionary worlds where the viewer only sees whats in front of them, but not asking the more important questions that should be asked. That is what missing from society and¬†that is the negative part bout advertising.


Omega and Cindy: Time Together

I believe this passage depicts a way to grab your attention by using the subject, Cindy Crawford, and the watch to symbolize the relationship between the two, just as how people are having the “illusionary” relationship with their belongings. But that just means we care about it and also nobody seems to care how they are made.

I agree with her statements because we as humans do desire relationships but as the same time a relationship between ourselves and an object we care about because if it seems to endure the harsh conditions while being looked new, then that shows dedication towards the object. While this is happening, the method to manufacture these products are unknown to us but that never seems to hit us.