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Omega and Cindy

Liz Well is trying to say is that there shouldn’t always have the obvious information to advertise a specific products. It’s best to use the composition of the way the photograph to construct the sale’s point of the products. In the ad, the position of the model and the product indicate the relationships between itself. As mention that Cindy open mouth shows the desire feeling that is then being reflected onto the watch itself. As an advertising campaign ad, Well’s is mentioning how the ad can simply used as a platform to advertise something else. The originally intention was to advertise the watch but this particular ad can just advertise or to promote who Cindy Crawford is.

I agreed with Well’s statement because advertising is a way to grab people attention. So the way the ad constructed is very appropriate because having an attractive female as their model is a good way to draw more people into the ad and eventually be interested in the watch.


Both poem author used a car to convey a specific meaning but, each authors was talking about something different. The one by E.E. Cumming, he used a car to convey a sexual message. Car in general is fast, it’s energetic, it’s gets you from one place to the next. The way he incorporated that into a sexual meaning because he wanted to emphasis the excitement of sexual interaction. He quoted that “what the hell next minute i was back in neutral tried and again slowly, barely, nudging”. Generally when a car failed to work, a person have to start again but more slowly and gradually. So what Cumming is trying to say is that during his time with the person, it didn’t start off perfectly. So he slowly gave it a go again with the person like how a person will restart their car if it didn’t start up the first time to well. The one by Levine is more darker than Cumming. He incorporated the used of car as a metaphor to convey the harsh environment he was living in during his time.  Him driving down the street while using car as a metaphor is a way for him to describe the negativity of the industrial era that is effecting the city.

The Botany of Desire

In The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan is trying to say is that all food are being food are being processed through genetic manipulation and no longer natural. He claims that as the world evolves, agriculture is also advancing. However the impact can be catastrophically to the human being (such as health issue, etc). Although it’s indirectly saying that all plants have some sort of network connection through the roots.


Mirror and Window

State Szarkowski’s is saying that image can be consider as mirror or window. If the image is consider to be mirror, it’s basically saying that the image consider to have some sort of underlying meaning that can be reflected to the viewers for interpretation. For image that is consider to be window, it’s basically more direct and clear to the viewers.

The one by Gary Winogard can be consider as a window image because the meaning is more direct and the story is more clear. While the one by Gregory Crewdson is a mirror because as a viewer, we don’t immediately understand what’s the meaning of the photo. Everyone has their own take on it.

Both images can be consider taken at a eye level angel. The one by Winogard, it has more higher contrast than the one by Crewdson because the one by Winogard show more differences of what’s dark and whats light. So the one by Crewdson is to be consider as a low contrast photography. In terms of lighting, the one by Winogard is more of the direct lighting because of the harsh shadow that is being cast from the bicycle and the cactus/plant. The one by Crewdson is more of the front light.