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Pantone- Make It Brilliant

The campaign of Pantone “Make it Brilliant” central with this metaphor with dancers and lights expressing the idea of dancers being re-flexible and movement between an artist or designer on their ideas and lights as the uses of light and shadows between color. I think the message was very effective with the lights and dancers interaction with their surroundings and objects because they both convey the concept of unity in design. The thing learn from the article is trial and error were part of the ┬áphoto shoot because just how the expression between light and shadow ┬áinteracted with the dancers show how many different the shot could have been different.┬áThe thing surprise me the most is how the lighting and color are interacting.


The Central metaphor of the pantone campaign is to show that pantone colors are like ballerinas. The company picked this metaphor because the colors have movement and can be combined with other colors to create a scene or express emotions, just like ballerinas. The message is effective because I see the different shapes and strips that show movement and the temperature of the colors and lights that help express emotions, just like a ballet show. As for designers they use colors to express all this.


The central metaphor of┬áthis brand campaign for Pantone, is light being reflected as a set of ┬ápaint. The reason why the company ┬ádecided on ┬áthis metaphor, was because Sub Rose the AD/Branding Agency, had ┬ápitched the idea of using light to paint the world and using lighting design, that could communicate “brilliant”. This message was very effective. The reason why, is because showing color in an aspect of light and incorporating that with technology they nailed it. It looks like they used paint but really its light. ┬áWhat I learned from reading PSLN, about the process of making these images is that sometimes you have to work with what you have and by this I mean that in this campaign, ┬áthe team used continues lighting to capture all these wonderful images. What surprised me the most is that they didn’t have to retouch any photo at all. They used the photo they shot in their campaign. They captured what they wanted and more.

Pantone-Make It Brilliant

The central metaphor of Pantone was to create a world, a world that is painted not with paint but with lights. By playing with the uses of lighting technology and adding shapes to the room, they made their saturated lights to stand out more, since they wanted a world that is exciting and not flat. I believe this campaign ad is successful because of the different colors that is used to make them feel thrill and see this to be an interesting idea.

Pantone – Make it Brilliant

I believe that the central metaphor for this campaign is based on the colors depicting the emotions for each one. They chose this because ┬ácolors shows expressions and the ballerinas don’t show their emotions through facial expression but with their movement. Each image shows a single or group of ballerinas positioning themselves while having different lighting. For example, the middle image has spot lightings while posing under the category “fashion and home”. I think this is very effective due the mood the lighting gives along with the ballerinas posing differently. What I learn is how this campaign came to be with a simple question and what surprise me is that there is no editing to the images. I think that’s awesome to make this happen.


This piece works in many different ways. Creating a scene full of color can easily show the public how their company is not only for the digital work but also for any object in real life. Adding  brilliant colors with different people in it makes a difference as now we can associate both world in one.

The biggest metaphor in this videos has to be that a big company that is mostly use for designer, fashion and anything in between can make someone aware that what they do and can do will make it eventually to the real world and physical objects.

Pantone-Make It Brilliant

Take a look at the campaign done for pantone by Sub Rosa.

Read about it:

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What is the central metaphor of this brand campaign for Pantone? Why did the company pick this metaphor and how is it conveyed? Do you think the message is effective? What did you learn from reading the piece in PSLN about the process of making these images? What surprised you most?