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Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire

Michael Pollan owned the licensed to grow his own potatoes that he can sell and eat. This mean that he can grow them under his control room, a so call operating software that involves in genetic engineer of altering potato plant’s gene in order to save him tons of expenses. Since most modern industrial farmer cannot grow a lot of crop without the mass quantity of fertilizer, and pesticide, since it was very expensive to afford.  Pollan’s potatoes being altered, they were able to outlive without those expensive toxic chemicals since no insects and diseases has come in contact with them.

I would shot the different types of potatoes, lining them from the smallest to the largest.

Pantone Make It Brilliant

In the ” Make It brilliant” campaign, lighting acts as a central metaphor to convey the Pantone’s reputation of color fidelity. By the use of lighting technology and design, the team came up with a powerful creative solution of a tri-panel composite scene in which each section represents each of Pantone’s distinct products.

The message of standing out and making creativity bolder is thoroughly and strikingly rendered with the result of colorful and seamless light effects in which the eyes and brain work together to transform the world into a stunning and sensational environment. Since lighting is the core concept of the campaign, the challenge is to make sure the final colors of light captured on the images match the Pantone’s color palette. In order to achieve the desired final results, the creative team needed to find the unique colors to start with and went through a lot of different setting experiments until the camera captured the exact Pantone’s palette. The team did a great job not only with color experiment but also with manipulating the physic shadow which is different across the panels, establishing an overall dynamic composition as well as translating the core message in the best way possible.

New Leaf

Michael Pollan article truly reminds me of when the industrial revolution came about and everyone believed that production was more important than the quality of the food . The fact that he mentions potatoes to be considered pesticides with the environmental protection administration  makes believe that ideal farmers were lead to belive that they could no longer be in total control of their farms. Also that the ideal situation would be to industrialize and monopolize the potato industry.

one of the concepts I would like to use hierarchy scale to show how home grown potatoes have gradually changed from massive potatoes  to the pesticide infested tiny potatoes advertise today .

Botany of Desire




Michael Pollan’s excerpt describes the battle in the food industry between free market opinion, versus a governed one. In this passage he explains how regulations on growing common food items such as the potato came with extensive rules and regulations making it hard for, anyone to freely grow produce.He states that “the potatoes I would dig come September would be mine to sell or eat, but their genes would remain the intellectual property of Monsanto”. With such nonsensical barriers such as these more and more larger companies, are now experiencing nearly the same hardships as organic farmers. It will only be a matter of time before such barriers comes to our front doors, grocery stores, and gardens.

Botany of Desire

This short piece by Michael Pollan relates potatoes to a software as a metaphor, in a way that we can change and “upgrade” the potatoes that fights off the pest without adding harmful chemicals to it.

One option would be connecting a usb cord to a potato while being connected to a computer. Another could possibly be a small disk into a potato or stick a logo onto a potato. Possibly a disk-shaped potato or a computer mouse-shaped potato.

The Botany of Desire

In The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan is trying to say is that all food are being food are being processed through genetic manipulation and no longer natural. He claims that as the world evolves, agriculture is also advancing. However the impact can be catastrophically to the human being (such as health issue, etc). Although it’s indirectly saying that all plants have some sort of network connection through the roots.


A Plant’s Eye View of the World

This article is about, the legal situation of planting potatoes. Every potato that is being planted is marked and property of Monsanto. Which a farmer can’t possibly plant so many potatoes because they will require chemical substances to make the sprouts grow, in which money will needed. Monsanto has a way of growing plenty of potatoes with out the heavy expenses it would require by using genetic engineering. This new technology would have the plants defend themselves from any threats. meanwhile giving information the plant needs to survive which the company is being compared to Microsoft. The image that comes to mind would be a potato with its roots being linked to every plant around it, giving away pulses almost like how the brain works with the nerve system.

Botany of Desire

A plant’s Eye View of the World, is about how a plant can even be consider to have tag. By this, i mean that in order to grow potatoes you need a licensed and a operating software wants to run these types of potatoes, like if they are some kind of tracker, wanting to know everything about them. In this article, they talk about a metaphor. To me this metaphor is that this new  potato, needs a O.S and to me this is kinda funny. Once human come in in contact with this type of food, what will happen to them? This is a new type of generation which can say what you can eat and what you can’t eat that because this one is better, but what is actually good for you when the food supply is now taken by someone very powerful. To me after reading this article the image that comes to mind is a Potato with a number tag on it. The reason, is because here it will show what this new generation of potatoes will look like. The lights will be dimmed, so it will be a high key image. All spot light to the potato but also the tag number which can represent the Microsoft metaphor about the operating system and getting information, off a plant.

The Botany of Desire

The article is about the potato farming industry and how it’s changing. Potato farming has a lot of things wrong like, licensing, being considered a pesticide and breaking the law because of how you grow them. Newleaf potatoes notices that all of the industry has a problem being unsustainable, but this new effect of genetic engineering that makes the potatoes better with pesticides.

A propose a new campaign of showing the potatoes in a brighter light with different variations of potatoes. Potatoes have a great skin layer on the outside and I would want that to be present in the photos that I would take of them, but also show the sad rotten side of the potatoes if they didn’t have the new genetic engineering to protect them from pesticides.

The botany of desire..

this article is about how a farmers life is like. especially in the planting of potatoe, It goes into the process of planting the crop and the sprouting of it, leading to its harvest so people may consume it. It goes on about some genetic experiment they wish to implement on the crops, so the plants themselves can protect themselves from bugs.