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Omega and Cindy: Time Together

The whole purpose was to indicate the bond or relationship you will have with the Omega watch. Mot people get attracted to things they love having and making it personal. For the most part they do it with the lighting and the old method was used. Making Cindy look sexy with the watch at the same level with her lips gives you that personal feel. I do agree with this ad because people tend to get personal and attached to things they use daily, just like their phone. Objects like this are not just used for specific purposes, but also they become accessories and part of their outfit just like this ad.

A Plant’s Eye View of the World

This article is about, the legal situation of planting potatoes. Every potato that is being planted is marked and property of Monsanto. Which a farmer can’t possibly plant so many potatoes because they will require chemical substances to make the sprouts grow, in which money will needed. Monsanto has a way of growing plenty of potatoes with out the heavy expenses it would require by using genetic engineering. This new technology would have the plants defend themselves from any threats. meanwhile giving information the plant needs to survive which the company is being compared to Microsoft. The image that comes to mind would be a potato with its roots being linked to every plant around it, giving away pulses almost like how the brain works with the nerve system.


The Central metaphor of the pantone campaign is to show that pantone colors are like ballerinas. The company picked this metaphor because the colors have movement and can be combined with other colors to create a scene or express emotions, just like ballerinas. The message is effective because I see the different shapes and strips that show movement and the temperature of the colors and lights that help express emotions, just like a ballet show. As for designers they use colors to express all this.

Mirrors and Windows

John Szarkowski’s believed in the Mirrors and Windows style, in which the Mirror style mirrors back what the photographer is feeling or what they wanted you to feel. As for the Windows style, is more of reality and how day to day life is all about. The photograpgh on the left shows the mirror style because the whole scene is set up to show a specific emotion, from the lighting and angle, you can get the feeling of a movie scene. Now the photograph on the right is in the open and the shadows of the clouds make it seem like a cloudy day and the field looks dry. In this photograph there is nothing planed out, but more of a in the moment shot, showing reality.