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The Dutch style of 17th and 18th still life painting create a metaphor for morality is that all living wither away and die or birth and death. On the painting of Rachael Ruysch there so many things of both life and death as if the painter want to let the viewers see life has a beginning and an end.

Hector Rene Membreno-Canales uses the Dutch still life painting technique because he wanted this type of style to convey the experience in the military. Also to make the viewers see the truth on how war really is.


The Dutch painting of 17th and 18th Century is a type of still life painting that consists of inanimate¬†objects which conveys a meaningful message. ¬†This type of painting creates a metaphor for¬†mortality as the artist uses¬†collection of symbolic objects to convey a biblical or christian message that can translate to death, wealth, and life. ¬†For example, in Rachel Ruysch Painting Fruit and Insects, she did not just captured¬†a¬†natural scene but also studied them in great detail, both the fruits and insects which she¬†combined¬†together to form¬†¬†a beautiful¬†composition.¬†In her painting, she¬†symbolizes the wheat and the grapes to eucharist. And relates to her father’s work by placing lived insects and animals in her composition.

Hector Rene Membreno-Canales uses the Dutch still life painting technique because he wanted this type of style to convey his experience in the military. I think his work is effective since by placing military objects, food, and a veteran in his photo, he creates a personal feeling, and indicates that war is about survival and hardship. Since he symbolizes the food as his hardship, both the weapons, and the veteran can signify that will fight through his harship in order to live.


To me the ¬†Dutch 17th and 18th Century still life painting had a lot of color harmonies. i believe that this is key and also having something that shows birth and the process of death in some sort of way. ¬†This painting shown to us, give us a clear message that was created to be¬†mortality, because in this painting we saw a bunch of things, such as the baby seeming it was running away, we saw a birds nest and eggs on it and we saw insects a butterfly and flowers on the photo of Jan van Huysum that might represent not only the good but also that at one point they died out, that flowers and all these beautiful fruits and vegetables aren’t going to last forever .

Hector Rene Membreno-Canales uses ¬†the style of Dutch still life painting and the idea of Vanitas in his series Hegemony or Survival, because he puts elements that describe what he has ¬†went threw and the items such as the ticking bomb, the gas masks shows how he survived a hard time and also he’s color choose, were all very unsaturated and he’s back drops were all black ¬†giving it a feel and focus on the items on the table. I say that the style he has used is very effective as mortality. The reason for this, is because he’s images were surrounded with not only violent items but with the color and how its focus on its theme .

Dutch still life

Venitas was a life style painting in the 17th and 18th century. The style consisted of many metaphors and meaningful messages behind them. Creating a full art with so much detail capture the attention of the public as to why every decision was made. From small details on the flower texture to water drops that capture the eye.

Hector Rene uses this style in many different ways. To create a difference contrast life and death. It is effective as the difference between guns and fruit. Fruit is use as a source of nutrition and the other as a source of protection or crime. This two are controversial issues that have a major role in the past years.