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Omega Ad

I do agree on the first paragraph it is mention that many pictures at that time included similar poses.  The pose where a model would pose with no distinguished background or any type of environment. The relationship between the main subject and the product also plays a big role on this. Creating the both to relate and fiction as a team not as an individual is a big challenge. On this ad it is not specifically telling you there is a dating relationship between them like the article suggest but more of a friendship between the main character and the subject.


For my last project I choose a current event thats been on the news for a while. Food safety has been a topic many fast food restaurants had to deal with. Creating an image that portraits how our food have become so process that many of our food is unsafe


Both poems describe different cities and feeling you have for different things. e.e.cummings describe the car ride as a metaphor for sex. Crating the visual and sound effects with descriptive actions. Levine describe a city that has been on a bad time with the people in it. Using descriptive vocabulary they both create a scene with words and actions.” new and you know consequently little stiff I was careful on her” describe the brand new car and how he is going to take care of it. in Levine poem we see “” the cry of wet smoke hanging in your throat” is use to describe the feeling of seeing so much being torn apart in the city.

Dutch still life

Venitas was a life style painting in the 17th and 18th century. The style consisted of many metaphors and meaningful messages behind them. Creating a full art with so much detail capture the attention of the public as to why every decision was made. From small details on the flower texture to water drops that capture the eye.

Hector Rene uses this style in many different ways. To create a difference contrast life and death. It is effective as the difference between guns and fruit. Fruit is use as a source of nutrition and the other as a source of protection or crime. This two are controversial issues that have a major role in the past years.

Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire

The new era brings many challenges, there will be a time when food is not enough for the people on this planet. Many companies has establish it’s intellectual  property on food. Securing food as their own for modifying a gene for survival shouldn’t be allowed. Creating a better food for the world and securing its existence for future generation should be something to be proud of and not try and make a profit out of it.

A good illustration could be a potato that reflects 0’s and 1’a where it seem to be coded. This would reflect the feeling on how companies see food. Many companies see food as software and not  a necessity.


This piece works in many different ways. Creating a scene full of color can easily show the public how their company is not only for the digital work but also for any object in real life. Adding  brilliant colors with different people in it makes a difference as now we can associate both world in one.

The biggest metaphor in this videos has to be that a big company that is mostly use for designer, fashion and anything in between can make someone aware that what they do and can do will make it eventually to the real world and physical objects.

Window and Mirror

Szarkowski uses mirrors and windows ad a way to describe photography and the artist behind them. The use of mirrors reflects the feelings or mental state of a person while the window reflects an ambition or image that the artist would like to see.

Both pictures reflect subjects in similar positions with different meanings. Gary shows a window where the subject could be some he knows or is familiar with while Gregory reflects a set up scene where the subject might be having a bad night in many different ways. Creating both a mirror and a window takes the artist in different positions while themes or other factors they decide to photograph.