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Final Project David Ayala
I chose this poem because it interesting tone of time that time just goes while we as people can’t slow it down. As life moves on we just go with our daily lives whether spending time, etc. . While trend change or following trends, time act only on its own will so people are just bound to what wait for them. Time holds all of us like slaves trap in constant motion without control as life constantly changes.


Final Project

For my final project I chose drunk driving. Since the month of December is full of holidays, it also may come with a few drinks. With all the holiday parties going on, some might even drive after a few drinks. First to being with its illegal, and it might cost your life or others around you. The Month of Decemeber also happens to be drunk driving awareness  month, so i wanted to show everyone a little reminder what might happen and chose to drive sober, or with a designated driver.

Final Project – What works VS What doesn’t

Below is the a image that doesn’t work.  The reason is because working with a lot of plastic is very challenging !!! . The shiny plastic makes the image look ugly. Here i tryed used card board but noting. The lighting was horrible everything just didn’t want to work nicely so sad. Below this image is another image that works. not only is it better than the first one we can see the eye, nice. I do need to fix it up and all but overall it hit close to perfect with the glare._MG_1343_MG_1304

Dietary supplements

What I’m going to do for the final project is dietary supplements, which it’s benefits are suppose to help people with weight lost and provides a healthy lifestyle. The way I wanted to show it is more on the pills so i have ways to give emphasizes on it. One is a handful of pills, a full and sharp feel of the image. Another is pills grouped with a salad to show that its healthy and harmless. Lastly, a spoonful of pills to indicates its benefits. I most likely retake my pictures from last week but these are my ideas so far.

Final Project

My final Project is about Ocean Plastic Pollution and how it effects Marine Life, weather they are fish, turtles, or even mammals. The ocean is huge and its true, Plastic doesn’t go away, we are surrounded by plastic and these animals are getting effected by it.  We use plastic everyday its everywhere so we don’t understand where it goes once its gone. It ends up in the ocean and the problem here is that affects our economy, costing us untold dollars spent in beach cleanups, tourism losses and damages to fishing and aquaculture industries, which at the end of the day isn’t fair. This article also tells us more about how to solve this problem but i am putting attention more to the section called “A HEAVY TOLL ON WILDLIFE”

My intention for my shoot is to use a turtle and a couple more sea animals to represent what happens to them. I am going to place a turtle in a sand with plastic and stuff around it, having the turtle have plastic on himself showing how its tangled and how it effects him, he seems to be stuck. Another image is going to show a water bottle and inside the bottle will be sand dirt rocks and many different types of plastic with different Sea animals inside of it to show that plastic is taking away the life of these animals because they are stuck, nowhere to go and no one cans save them once they plastic inside of them, eating it or around them. Another image will have that the turtle will have plastic on its shell and its suppose to show that everywhere he goes plastic is going with him and he is in danger. Another image will show the turtle inside the water of bottle but a half bottle of water how he is inside of it with plastic surrounding him and on his mouth. Many images will be shot up close or over head.


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For my last project I choose a current event thats been on the news for a while. Food safety has been a topic many fast food restaurants had to deal with. Creating an image that portraits how our food have become so process that many of our food is unsafe

Final Project

My final project will be based on the issue about how Plastic effect marine sea animals. How it kills them and how its is destroying not only the lives of sea animals but in addition is adding to our pollution in our own ocean. Water is very important to our lives, so does sea animals. I care a lot of about this situation. Plastic is harming animals and it should be stopped because lives are getting lost.