Final Project – What works VS What doesn’t

Below is the a image that doesn’t work.  The reason is because working with a lot of plastic is very challenging !!! . The shiny plastic makes the image look ugly. Here i tryed used card board but noting. The lighting was horrible everything just didn’t want to work nicely so sad. Below this image is another image that works. not only is it better than the first one we can see the eye, nice. I do need to fix it up and all but overall it hit close to perfect with the glare._MG_1343_MG_1304

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I look for a different challenge every day. To me, everything I see is full of wonder. Visual is the reason why I am who I am; it brings everything to life and it’s the reason why art is so valuable in today’s society. I am experienced with Layout Design, Interactive, Photography, and Packaging Design. With these categories, I tend to evoke publication to life, with color-intention and typography to make the work appealing. I believe in simplicity and clean design that gets the message across. I have a great love for magazines, books, photography and environmental issues.

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