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Still life gives the artist more freedom in the arrangement of elements within a composition than do paintings of other types of subjects.  all still lifes had a moralistic message, usually concerning the brevity of life.

He wanted to  create a sense of life and death and war is about survival and hardship.



Final Project

For my final project I chose drunk driving. Since the month of December is full of holidays, it also may come with a few drinks. With all the holiday parties going on, some might even drive after a few drinks. First to being with its illegal, and it might cost your life or others around you. The Month of Decemeber also happens to be drunk driving awareness  month, so i wanted to show everyone a little reminder what might happen and chose to drive sober, or with a designated driver.


In the poem “she being brand” by e.e. cummings is more a pleasure/ sex poem between the writer and the car and in the poem “coming home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine, show more of a dark, gloomy poem. While both writers are in the car driving, both writers are having ┬ádifferent experiences in their day.

“Just as we turned the corner of Divinity

avenue i touch the accelerator and give

her the juice, good”

In this part of the poem it shows that the writer is really enjoying his ride in his car. Rather than in “coming home, Detroit,1968” ┬á“We burn this city everyday.”