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Omega and Cindy Response

The first half of the article is explaining about the Cindy and Omega ad as being typical 1930’s glamour girl look. The photographer strategically placed Cindy face on her right arm next to the watch with her mouth open to seem seductive. I definitely agree with the writer, because the black and white feel of the photograph gives it that 1930’s feel and the celebrity being so close to the product was a great way to make them come together.

The second half of the article was about the roles that Cindy and the watch play together, because they are implying a human and thing relationship just the same as a human and human relationship. They state that Cindy charity and Journalistic work throughout her career rub off onto the watch because of the relationship the have together. They also explain the backside of the watch company stating that we don’t know about how the watch was made.

Poetry Response

The first poem “she being Brand” is about a brand new car that is giving the driver pleasure in testing her out. The mood is happy because he states “(it was the first ride and believe I we was happy to see how nice and acted right up to the last minute coming back down by the Public Gardens…)”. The poet is trying to accomplish the fact of how incredible the new car has a great relationship with him. In the first poem he uses car language to communicate with the audience.

The second poem “Coming Home, Detroit,1968” is about the riots and fires that happened in Detroit around that time. The poet is trying to accomplish the devastating feeling that the impact of the riots had on the city. He uses that metaphors of a car to show the surroundings feelings of dark, loneliness, quiet and isolated.

The Botany of Desire

The article is about the potato farming industry and how it’s changing. Potato farming has a lot of things wrong like, licensing, being considered a pesticide and breaking the law because of how you grow them. Newleaf potatoes notices that all of the industry has a problem being unsustainable, but this new effect of genetic engineering that makes the potatoes better with pesticides.

A propose a new campaign of showing the potatoes in a brighter light with different variations of potatoes. Potatoes have a great skin layer on the outside and I would want that to be present in the photos that I would take of them, but also show the sad rotten side of the potatoes if they didn’t have the new genetic engineering to protect them from pesticides.