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Omega and Cindy

I agree with Liz Wells thesis¬†in the Case Study: The Commodification of Human Relations and Experience ‚ÄėOmega and Cindy: Time together‚Äô. The ad between Cindy Crawford and the Omega watch connects to people with other things like electronics because people depend on them. People buy into celebrity endorsement to help not just product but making the ones who is wearing feel with this product you could by just like a celebrity.

Mirrors and Windows

Szarkowski‚Äôs Mirrors and Windows thesis is how two distinguish artists’ Minor White and Robert Frank and different they approach to take a picture. White intention is for a goal of expression and Frank intention is for a goal of exploration. The self-expression is for feelings and mood. The exploration is more about the evidence of what is really out there.

The first image is a window image that Szarkowski’s Mirrors and Windows thesis as a realist Winogrand look for the goal of exploration.  Some visual element are eye-level, shallow depth the field, low contrast. This photo describe lonely place as it looks the middle of nowhere.

In the Gregory Crewdson photo there’s a guy in his undergarments and lady in front him though this photo is on a set. The photo was probably saying people expose have nothing to hide with security and those who to tell the truth or hide something don’t feel secure.

Poetry: e.ecummings and levine

The poems “she the brand” by¬†e.ecummings and “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by levine that describe on a metaphor about driving a car. In “she the brand” approaches that driving a car the author writes about sex and using this metaphor as way to describe his desire of sexual pleasure for the first time as he refers “the first ride annd believe I we was happy to see how nice and acted right up” In¬†“Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by levine¬†approaches that driving a car the author writes about the devastation on how the invention of car and chaotic city Detriot was at the time. As the author refers “The fat stacks of breweries hold their tongues.” and “We burn this city every day.” These lines refers to as the destruction of how the industrial of cars affected the city in pollution.

Both of these authors use cars as way to explain their expression of what they experience through their life.


Omega Ad

I do agree on the first paragraph it is mention that many pictures at that time included similar poses.  The pose where a model would pose with no distinguished background or any type of environment. The relationship between the main subject and the product also plays a big role on this. Creating the both to relate and fiction as a team not as an individual is a big challenge. On this ad it is not specifically telling you there is a dating relationship between them like the article suggest but more of a friendship between the main character and the subject.

Cindy Crawford Omega

Liz Wells’ thesis explain the similar¬†characteristics of¬†omega watch¬†ad¬†being¬†looking like the girls in the 1930’s.¬†Omega watch¬†made this ad for the purpose of emphasizing Cindy, the¬†model, having an interaction with the watch, in¬†a sexual way. By having Cindy to be placed¬†on a black background and wearing the watch next to her half-open mouth, it¬†says that you and your watch can build an intimate relationship together. The ad is all about selling the product, and who it can¬†appeal to, so by putting two things together, a person and a object it can give¬†a significant effect.

I agree to Wells’ opinion about the specific ad and advertising photography in general as Omega watch¬†wanted their ad to be glamour up so it’ll make¬†us¬†feel like we¬†want to buy the¬†watch. Ads that are made attractive has the successful chance on grabbing consumer’s¬†attention,¬† make ¬†them feel like buying the product and nothing else.

Omega and Cindy: Time Together

This article speaks about the Cindy and Omega article being shot in shot in a similar way women were in the 1930s but with a modern twist to it. The shot is shown as an isolated shot no background, but her hair is loose and wearing a sporty tanktop suggesting modern feminisim. I agree on the way she describes the ad. You can see how the watch is the focused through the central position it is in. The way cindy’s mouth is slightly open and her head is leaning on her arm portrays a sensual feel to the watch. I think the second paragraph to this article really discusses how photography is a big part of marketing. The person you choose to endorse your product goes hand in hand with your product. Cindy Crawford has a sucessful career in journalism and has done alot of work in charity and this transmits through the ad. Overall the commodiifcation of human emotions and relations is one of the most persuavie influences of modern advertising.

Omega and Cindy: Time Together

The whole purpose was to indicate the bond or relationship you will have with the Omega watch. Mot people get attracted to things they love having and making it personal. For the most part they do it with the lighting and the old method was used. Making Cindy look sexy with the watch at the same level with her lips gives you that personal feel. I do agree with this ad because people tend to get personal and attached to things they use daily, just like their phone. Objects like this are not just used for specific purposes, but also they become accessories and part of their outfit just like this ad.

Omega and Cindy

Liz Well is trying to say is that there shouldn’t always have the obvious information to advertise a specific products. It’s best to use the composition of the way the photograph to construct the sale’s point of the products. In the ad, the position of the model and the product indicate the relationships between itself. As mention that Cindy open mouth shows the desire feeling that is then being reflected onto the watch itself. As an advertising campaign ad, Well’s is mentioning how the ad can simply used as a platform to advertise something else. The originally intention was to advertise the watch but this particular ad can just advertise or to promote who Cindy Crawford is.

I agreed with Well’s statement because advertising is a way to grab people attention. So the way the ad constructed is very appropriate because having an attractive female as their model is a good way to draw more people into the ad and eventually be interested in the watch.