Mirrors and Windows

Szarkowski’s Mirrors and Windows thesis is how two distinguish artists’ Minor White and Robert Frank and different they approach to take a picture. White intention is for a goal of expression and Frank intention is for a goal of exploration. The self-expression is for feelings and mood. The exploration is more about the evidence of what is really out there.

The first image is a window image that Szarkowski’s Mirrors and Windows thesis as a realist Winogrand look for the goal of exploration.  Some visual element are eye-level, shallow depth the field, low contrast. This photo describe lonely place as it looks the middle of nowhere.

In the Gregory Crewdson photo there’s a guy in his undergarments and lady in front him though this photo is on a set. The photo was probably saying people expose have nothing to hide with security and those who to tell the truth or hide something don’t feel secure.

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