Cindy Crawford Omega

Liz Wells’ thesis explain the similar characteristics of omega watch ad being looking like the girls in the 1930’s. Omega watch made this ad for the purpose of emphasizing Cindy, the model, having an interaction with the watch, in a sexual way. By having Cindy to be placed on a black background and wearing the watch next to her half-open mouth, it says that you and your watch can build an intimate relationship together. The ad is all about selling the product, and who it can appeal to, so by putting two things together, a person and a object it can give a significant effect.

I agree to Wells’ opinion about the specific ad and advertising photography in general as Omega watch wanted their ad to be glamour up so it’ll make us feel like we want to buy the watch. Ads that are made attractive has the successful chance on grabbing consumer’s attention,  make  them feel like buying the product and nothing else.

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