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Chocolate is healthy

The topic I chose was chocolate and the benefits for you. I have read several articles on how chocolate can give you a lower risk of heart disease. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen found people who eat chocolate were 11 percent less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, 9 percent less likely to have hospital visits or death because of coronary heart disease and up to 25 percent less likely to fall victim to associated death than people who don’t eat chocolate at all. I was thinking of getting a bar of raw chocolate and putting it on top a bed of green leaves to symbolize healthy lifestyle. Or I can get someone who looks healthy eating a chocolate bar.

Omega and Cindy: Time Together

This article speaks about the Cindy and Omega article being shot in shot in a similar way women were in the 1930s but with a modern twist to it. The shot is shown as an isolated shot no background, but her hair is loose and wearing a sporty tanktop suggesting modern feminisim. I agree on the way she describes the ad. You can see how the watch is the focused through the central position it is in. The way cindy’s mouth is slightly open and her head is leaning on her arm portrays a sensual feel to the watch. I think the second paragraph to this article really discusses how photography is a big part of marketing. The person you choose to endorse your product goes hand in hand with your product. Cindy Crawford has a sucessful career in journalism and has done alot of work in charity and this transmits through the ad. Overall the commodiifcation of human emotions and relations is one of the most persuavie influences of modern advertising.

Michael Pollan The Botany of Desire

This article talks about farmers and how they plant. Before GMOs farmers would have to use a lot of pesticides and chemicals to make sure bugs do not destroy the crops. Genetic engineering promises to replace expensive and toxic chemicals they use to use on crops. For example they got a gene from the soil that kills potato beetles and put it directly in the potato. With this new technology, agriculture has entered the digital age. – John Alicea