Omega and Cindy

Liz Well is trying to say is that there shouldn’t always have the obvious information to advertise a specific products. It’s best to use the composition of the way the photograph to construct the sale’s point of the products. In the ad, the position of the model and the product indicate the relationships between itself. As mention that Cindy open mouth shows the desire feeling that is then being reflected onto the watch itself. As an advertising campaign ad, Well’s is mentioning how the ad can simply used as a platform to advertise something else. The originally intention was to advertise the watch but this particular ad can just advertise or to promote who Cindy Crawford is.

I agreed with Well’s statement because advertising is a way to grab people attention. So the way the ad constructed is very appropriate because having an attractive female as their model is a good way to draw more people into the ad and eventually be interested in the watch.

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