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Dietary supplements

What I’m going to do for the final project is dietary supplements, which it’s benefits are suppose to help people with weight lost and provides a healthy lifestyle. The way I wanted to show it is more on the pills so i have ways to give emphasizes on it. One is a handful of pills, a full and sharp feel of the image. Another is pills grouped with a salad to show that its healthy and harmless. Lastly, a spoonful of pills to indicates its benefits. I most likely retake my pictures from last week but these are my ideas so far.

Omega and Cindy: Time Together

I believe this passage depicts a way to grab your attention by using the subject, Cindy Crawford, and the watch to symbolize the relationship between the two, just as how people are having the “illusionary” relationship with their belongings. But that just means we care about it and also nobody seems to care how they are made.

I agree with her statements because we as humans do desire relationships but as the same time a relationship between ourselves and an object we care about because if it seems to endure the harsh conditions while being looked new, then that shows dedication towards the object. While this is happening, the method to manufacture these products are unknown to us but that never seems to hit us.


In both e.e cummings, he is describing the car as he;s driving as like having sex with a female companion while in Philip Levine’s poetry he’s describing the environment in Detroit as he’s driving by in his car. In e.e cummings, he’s describing every motion he’s doing to the car such as “having thoroughly oiled the universal…” in reference to what would he sexually do to a woman. In Philip Levine’s, he’s describing the the condition of Detroit during that time period and as he drives by watching cars being built and people covered in black powder and sweat mix together everyday. “The charred faces, the eyes boarded up…” shows the condition working in Detroit.

Dutch Still Life Painting

Dutch still life painting shows a meaning of life with animals or plants or the state it is currently in. Most paintings show a dead animal or dead plant next to a live organism. For example, in Rachel Ruysch painting Fruit and Insects, 1711, there are lively pants and animals and there’s a few dead leaves behind the grapes. The eggs at the bottom depicts life and the slowly dead leaves represents death.

He wants to show it because it shows life and death. In his first photo, he is shown and a table full of grapes, a tusk, a wine cup and strawberries. The tusk represents death and a bowl of grapes and strawberries depicts life.

Botany of Desire

This short piece by Michael Pollan relates potatoes to a software as a metaphor, in a way that we can change and “upgrade” the potatoes that fights off the pest without adding harmful chemicals to it.

One option would be connecting a usb cord to a potato while being connected to a computer. Another could possibly be a small disk into a potato or stick a logo onto a potato. Possibly a disk-shaped potato or a computer mouse-shaped potato.

Pantone – Make it Brilliant

I believe that the central metaphor for this campaign is based on the colors depicting the emotions for each one. They chose this because  colors shows expressions and the ballerinas don’t show their emotions through facial expression but with their movement. Each image shows a single or group of ballerinas positioning themselves while having different lighting. For example, the middle image has spot lightings while posing under the category “fashion and home”. I think this is very effective due the mood the lighting gives along with the ballerinas posing differently. What I learn is how this campaign came to be with a simple question and what surprise me is that there is no editing to the images. I think that’s awesome to make this happen.

Mirrors and Windows

a window is what is being shown to us with a deeper meaning while a mirror would expose and express of what it is trying to show. Gregory Crewdson’s photo is considered a mirror because the photographer is expressing his idea and he has total control of how he wanted to be: the expression on the actors’ faces, the background of the photo, the placement of the actors and the car. His photo has a high contrast shown on the car, sidelit is also shown in this photo based on the position of the camera to the subject, the image seems to be sharper as well, full scale of tones in this photo and silhouette in the background.

In Gary Winogrand’s photo is a window because he’s still learning and discovering new things and this can not be control. The baby in the photo is freely roaming in the driveway with his brother watching over him. The environment in the background is cloudy with a chance of rain with a lot of sunlight. This photo has direct light as shown on the wild plant on the right, a mixture of high and low keys, the image has a soft focus with deep space showing the extending area of the desert, there is high contrast in this image with a balance of black and white and in between.