Dutch still life

Venitas was a life style painting in the 17th and 18th century. The style consisted of many metaphors and meaningful messages behind them. Creating a full art with so much detail capture the attention of the public as to why every decisionĀ was made. From small details on the flower texture to water drops that capture the eye.

Hector Rene uses this style in many different ways. To create a difference contrastĀ life and death. It is effective as the difference between guns and fruit. Fruit is use as a source of nutrition and the other as a source of protection or crime. This two are controversial issues that have a major roleĀ in the past years.

One thought on “Dutch still life

  1. rmichals

    The level of detail in the Dutch still life paintings is as stunning to us today as it must have been for its original audience.

    The juxtaposition of guns with fruit is quite jarring. The question is what does the photographer accomplish with this? Certainly, it makes us think about the violence occurring in a different way than seeing a photo of the battlefield itself.


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