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Omega and Cindy time together

I agree when it says in article that theres a different interpretation between the times of the 1930’s and the twentieth century. Because during those times the picture of cindy crawford would have been seen as very offensive because a woman back then would have dress more modest and covered her body a lot more, however nowadays its over looked and seen as sexy and part of the “sex sells” marketing strategy.

companies promote their product and glamour it up. but do not show the stress and labor of it being done because people are more focused on buying the product and not its process.

Car Poems

The poem by e.e. comings brings a sexual connotation in the use of his words. In his poem he speaks about gears and car parts as doing love to a virgin woman and lets the reader feel the urge or thrill that comes with it. while Phillip Levine’s poem concentrates in the industrial dark side of looking through the window of an expensive car. As people pass by working and getting dirty with charred faces staring at the person inside the vehicle.

The botany of desire..

this article is about how a farmers life is like. especially in the planting of potatoe, It goes into the process of planting the crop and the sprouting of it, leading to its harvest so people may consume it. It goes on about some genetic experiment they wish to implement on the crops, so the plants themselves can protect themselves from bugs.

Pantone Campaign

I believe the pantone companies metaphor in this campaign is trying to say that theres
light and movement in colors. Color makes your eyes move more through a picture or
a drawing and light reveals the content of the subject matter. even though ballerinas have nothing to do with this company they used it to promote movement in colors.

mirrors and window

john szarkowski, expressed in his paper the two different styles of white and frank. That one favored self-expression through his work as a mirror of his life to show a glimpse of himself in his piece. The other favored realism taking photography just to show how the real world is without ad ons, simply expressing how the world is opening a window to reality.