Botany of Desire

A plant’s Eye View of the World, is about how a plant can even be consider to have tag. By this, i mean that in order to grow potatoes you need a licensed and a operating software wants to run these types of potatoes, like if they are some kind of tracker, wanting to know everything about them. In this article, they talk about a metaphor. To me this metaphor is that this new  potato, needs a O.S and to me this is kinda funny. Once human come in in contact with this type of food, what will happen to them? This is a new type of generation which can say what you can eat and what you can’t eat that because this one is better, but what is actually good for you when the food supply is now taken by someone very powerful. To me after reading this article the image that comes to mind is a Potato with a number tag on it. The reason, is because here it will show what this new generation of potatoes will look like. The lights will be dimmed, so it will be a high key image. All spot light to the potato but also the tag number which can represent the Microsoft metaphor about the operating system and getting information, off a plant.

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