Pantone Make It Brilliant

In the ” Make It brilliant” campaign, lighting acts as a central metaphor to convey the Pantone’s reputation of color fidelity. By the use of lighting technology and design, the team came up with a powerful creative solution of a tri-panel composite scene in which each section represents each of Pantone’s distinct products.

The message of standing out and making creativity bolder is thoroughly and strikingly rendered with the result of colorful and seamless light effects in which the eyes and brain work together to transform the world into a stunning and sensational environment. Since lighting is the core concept of the campaign, the challenge is to make sure the final colors of light captured on the images match the Pantone’s color palette. In order to achieve the desired final results, the creative team needed to find the unique colors to start with and went through a lot of different setting experiments until the camera captured the exact Pantone’s palette. The team did a great job not only with color experiment but also with manipulating the physic shadow which is different across the panels, establishing an overall dynamic composition as well as translating the core message in the best way possible.

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