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Michael Pollan The Botany of Desire

This article talks about farmers and how they plant. Before GMOs farmers would have to use a lot of pesticides and chemicals to make sure bugs do not destroy the crops. Genetic engineering promises to replace expensive and toxic chemicals they use to use on crops. For example they got a gene from the soil that kills potato beetles and put it directly in the potato. With this new technology, agriculture has entered the digital age. – John Alicea

RR3-Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire

What i think he is trying to do is take a time crop and a process all farmers are used to and make it more effective using less chemicals buy genetically mutating the plant. But he seems to trying and make a natural thing to a big corporate money maker. especially when he starts comparing it to windows he looks at his gene as a product to see instead of as a actual plant. my photo set up idea would probably be a bunch of test tubes and beakers hooked up to a potato or someone with a lab coat and mask cutting into a potato. ┬á– Randall

Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire

The new era brings many challenges, there will be a time when food is not enough for the people on this planet. Many companies┬áhas establish it’s intellectual┬á┬áproperty on food. Securing food as their own for modifying a gene for survival shouldn’t be allowed. Creating a better food for the world and securing its existence for future generation should be something to be proud of and not try and make a profit out of it.

A good illustration could be a potato that reflects 0’s and 1’a where it seem to be coded. This would reflect the feeling on how companies see food. Many companies see food as software and not ┬áa necessity.

Botany of desire

These opinions that we have just talked about is sadly true because now in days companies are taking over everything until they are just in complete control of our brains. But to think plants as software is a defining line to wether food is food, or just another commodity.

Most computer’s now in days need the software in order to function as well as us humans need food/produce in order to keep on living. What is worse is that one company is controlling all of the produce which leads to no competition which is bad for everyone.

To create an image for this, i see the potatoes are all in sleeping chambers like the movie, “The Matrix” and have the labels “mon santo” on the chamber.


The Central metaphor of the pantone campaign is to show that pantone colors are like ballerinas. The company picked this metaphor because the colors have movement and can be combined with other colors to create a scene or express emotions, just like ballerinas. The message is effective because I see the different shapes and strips that show movement and the temperature of the colors and lights that help express emotions, just like a ballet show. As for designers they use colors to express all this.


The central metaphor of┬áthis brand campaign in my opinion would be painting the world with light. They use light techniques and trick to create their message and view of all these wonderful colors rather than post process them like most people would. The message is pretty effective showing that you can do so much with light to show a message and brighten up anything with various colors and moods. I found it really interesting how they mixed lights to create the various colors they want. ÔÇô Randall


The central metaphor of┬áthis brand campaign for Pantone, is light being reflected as a set of ┬ápaint. The reason why the company ┬ádecided on ┬áthis metaphor, was because Sub Rose the AD/Branding Agency, had ┬ápitched the idea of using light to paint the world and using lighting design, that could communicate “brilliant”. This message was very effective. The reason why, is because showing color in an aspect of light and incorporating that with technology they nailed it. It looks like they used paint but really its light. ┬áWhat I learned from reading PSLN, about the process of making these images is that sometimes you have to work with what you have and by this I mean that in this campaign, ┬áthe team used continues lighting to capture all these wonderful images. What surprised me the most is that they didn’t have to retouch any photo at all. They used the photo they shot in their campaign. They captured what they wanted and more.

Pantone-Make It Brilliant

The central metaphor of Pantone was to create a world, a world that is painted not with paint but with lights. By playing with the uses of lighting technology and adding shapes to the room, they made their saturated lights to stand out more, since they wanted a world that is exciting and not flat. I believe this campaign ad is successful because of the different colors that is used to make them feel thrill and see this to be an interesting idea.

Pantone – Make it Brilliant

I believe that the central metaphor for this campaign is based on the colors depicting the emotions for each one. They chose this because ┬ácolors shows expressions and the ballerinas don’t show their emotions through facial expression but with their movement. Each image shows a single or group of ballerinas positioning themselves while having different lighting. For example, the middle image has spot lightings while posing under the category “fashion and home”. I think this is very effective due the mood the lighting gives along with the ballerinas posing differently. What I learn is how this campaign came to be with a simple question and what surprise me is that there is no editing to the images. I think that’s awesome to make this happen.