The central metaphor of this brand campaign for Pantone, is light being reflected as a set of  paint. The reason why the company  decided on  this metaphor, was because Sub Rose the AD/Branding Agency, had  pitched the idea of using light to paint the world and using lighting design, that could communicate “brilliant”. This message was very effective. The reason why, is because showing color in an aspect of light and incorporating that with technology they nailed it. It looks like they used paint but really its light.  What I learned from reading PSLN, about the process of making these images is that sometimes you have to work with what you have and by this I mean that in this campaign,  the team used continues lighting to capture all these wonderful images. What surprised me the most is that they didn’t have to retouch any photo at all. They used the photo they shot in their campaign. They captured what they wanted and more.

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