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In this style of painting it uses vibrant colored objects like fresh fruits nice and shiny to show life. then you have decaying plants and other objects to show the process of death. For example insects normally are associated with the process of decay so by him adding them to the painting the help get the message across. Its not too heavy handed because for the most part the image is bright and vibrant and there is still nice fruits in it the bugs and decay is pretty subtle. – Randall


In “she being Brand”  the poet is using the “brand new car” he is driving to refer to the woman he is sleeping with. he uses terms like “oiled the universal joints” and “tested my gas and felt her radiator” to refer to them getting ready for sex. Then you have “Coming Home” where the poet is speaking about fire bodies and everything harmful and disgusting. He says ” one brown child stares and stares into your frozen eyes until the lights change and you go forward to work” showing they thing he has to go to daily on his drive pretty much comparing his drive to almost a walk in a warren

RR3-Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire

What i think he is trying to do is take a time crop and a process all farmers are used to and make it more effective using less chemicals buy genetically mutating the plant. But he seems to trying and make a natural thing to a big corporate money maker. especially when he starts comparing it to windows he looks at his gene as a product to see instead of as a actual plant. my photo set up idea would probably be a bunch of test tubes and beakers hooked up to a potato or someone with a lab coat and mask cutting into a potato.  – Randall


The central metaphor of this brand campaign in my opinion would be painting the world with light. They use light techniques and trick to create their message and view of all these wonderful colors rather than post process them like most people would. The message is pretty effective showing that you can do so much with light to show a message and brighten up anything with various colors and moods. I found it really interesting how they mixed lights to create the various colors they want. – Randall