Mirror and Window

State Szarkowski’s is saying that image can be consider as mirror or window. If the image is consider to be mirror, it’s basically saying that the image consider to have some sort of underlying meaning that can be reflected to the viewers for interpretation. For image that is consider to be window, it’s basically more direct and clear to the viewers.

The one by Gary Winogard can be consider as a window image because the meaning is more direct and the story is more clear. While the one by Gregory Crewdson is a mirror because as a viewer, we don’t immediately understand what’s the meaning of the photo. Everyone has their own take on it.

Both images can be consider taken at a eye level angel. The one by Winogard, it has more higher contrast than the one by Crewdson because the one by Winogard show more differences of what’s dark and whats light. So the one by Crewdson is to be consider as a low contrast photography. In terms of lighting, the one by Winogard is more of the direct lighting because of the harsh shadow that is being cast from the bicycle and the cactus/plant. The one by Crewdson is more of the front light.

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