Mirrors and Windows

Szarkowski uses a metaphor of mirrors and windows, in the above images. Mirrors meaning it is planned and windows is reality. Crewdson photo is a mirror photo. The reason it is a mirror image, is because he was in control of taking this shot. Meaning that he planned it the lighting,the people, the setting, the fact that there groceries on the floor, mom wearing a coat yet daughter not as much clothes.This scene is a night scene we can see that the daughter is looking down at the mother, where there is no high contracts but low contracts making a very big impact in this images feeling and gives us a sense that this image was shot in a community area because of the houses next to each other. This image is an example of extensive depth of field, where everything is in sharp nothing is out of focus. However Winogrand images is a window photo. The reason for this, is because there was no planning. The feel of this images is kinda lonely, we see a child looks like he or she is about to run out, the background looks very dull empty. The garage is low key not enough light and outside we have direct light from the sun hitting the floor. This image to me has more emotion because it shows reality, I might not know the story but just looking at the baby walking out alone living in an area where there much people the only light is the sun and mountains are seen from afar. It has a range of lighting tones and it has a feeling of depth between the house and nature. The black and white pictures focus our attention to the baby because of the light directing to her.

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