Mirrors and Windows

Szarkorwski states that mirrors and windows are metaphorically represented as in things we see in and how feel about it. For example, a photograph can be seen as a window as it acts like a portal to the exterior world which is the reality and that you get to explore what’s it out there. While mirrors, a type of romantic expression that shows one’s reflective emotions; an¬†implanted emotion that the photographer created to let viewers see what he¬†wanted them to see and feel.

Crewdson’s photograph is shown as a mirror, the¬†type of emotion is being manipulated;¬†setting, and actors are chosen and placed in way¬†to create the type of atmosphere and one’s desire emotion. Like the¬†daughter who is emotionally ashamed because she’s shown standing outside at night, alone, wearing almost nothing but her underclothes, and her mom¬†is shocked by her as one her shopping bags is on the ground. The¬†photo is in color, has a high contrast, and sharp overall to emphasize one’s moment or a scene.

Winogrand’s photograph is shown as a window, a realistic place that is not in any way fabricated. The photo does not have a lot of shadows since it¬†has¬†low contrast and diffused lighting. Also, it’s¬†shown¬†like a¬†recorded documentary of a real event that is happening in the¬†world. Unlike Crewdson’s photo, Winogrand tells the story of a real life family who isolated themselves away from the community to be in a sub-urban place.

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