Mirrors and Windows

a window is what is being shown to us with a deeper meaning while a mirror would expose and express of what it is trying to show. Gregory Crewdson’s photo is considered a mirror because the photographer is expressing his idea and he has total control of how he wanted to be: the expression on the actors’ faces, the background of the photo, the placement of the actors and the car. His photo has a high contrast shown on the car, sidelit is also shown in this photo based on the position of the camera to the subject, the image seems to be sharper as well, full scale of tones in this photo and silhouette in the background.

In Gary Winogrand’s photo is a window because he’s still learning and discovering new things and this can not be control. The baby in the photo is freely roaming in the driveway with his brother watching over him. The environment in the background is cloudy with a chance of rain with a lot of sunlight. This photo has direct light as shown on the wild plant on the right, a mixture of high and low keys, the image has a soft focus with deep space showing the extending area of the desert, there is high contrast in this image with a balance of black and white and in between.

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