Omega and Cindy

The components in used in this advertisement were many. Some were the juxtaposition of cindy crawford, the cropping of her photo, the feather around the edges, how washed out she looked, also how they laid out the entire ad.

Well’s description and critic of the ad also broaden the perspective of the viewers. A point she brought up was if this ad, or this idea of how society is, is it just illusionary, is it just fake?

” They accurately portray social relations which are illusory” (goldman 1992: 35) This is very accurate example of how advertising is changing the world in a good and bad way. The worse way of course is creating illusionary worlds where the viewer only sees whats in front of them, but not asking the more important questions that should be asked. That is what missing from society and that is the negative part bout advertising.


One thought on “Omega and Cindy

  1. rmichals

    Wells’ main point is that an ad like this one promotes the idea of having a relationship with a thing and hides the reality of the actual people how make the thing.

    Another ad for a watch could emphasize ethical manufacture or Think of the Lois Greenfield watch ad. Here the watch is as precise as dancers.


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